DAYBREAKER Combines Yoga and Dance Party to Create a New Unique Concept  

DAYBREAKER is an early morning dance movement that is sweeping the World with its unique concept.The event begins with an hour of yoga and fitness followed by a wild morning dance party. The owners of DAYBREAKER believe in a different dance concept, one where you don’t need alcohol and drugs to enjoy music.So on October 15th, when DAYBREAKER began to set up its’ second stop in Colorado at Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare, Denver was in for a treat.


As soon as the doors opened on the crisp Sunday morning, one can feel the vibe of the place well outside the venue. Each person coming in was greeted with a hug, which was a welcoming change to experience from going through security to get inside clubs and festivals. Inside, the Hair and Skincare Salon was turned into a spacious industrial space capable of fitting over 200 yogis and a full stage set up to house the DJs. Various sponsors set up booths to provide the participants with healthy snacks, such as protein bars and kombucha to recharge their energy.


The event began with an hour of yoga hosted by Billy Potocnic, a renowned yoga instructor in Denver area. Billy took the whole room on a journey through different positions, breathing techniques and chants. During the yoga session, DJ Kirby K took the attendees on a musical journey. Kirby’s mix of downtempo electronic music with hints of tribal and rainforest sounds was the perfect companion to Billy’s mantra.

As soon as yoga was over, the mats were cleared off the floor and the dance party began. DJ-J’Adore wasted no time and led everyone right into the groove with her energetic set. During these two hours, J’Adore honored the theme of the party, Totally 80’s Hair, by playing many hits from the era. The dance party portion also included several choreographed performances from the Dance Is Love team located in Denver. Dance Is Love brought out classic 80’s moves to bring the theme and the energy of the party alive.


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