DAYBREAKER Combines Yoga and Dance Party to Create a New Unique Concept [INTERVIEW]

DAYBREAKER is an early morning dance movement that is sweeping the globe with its unique concept.

The event begins with an hour of yoga and fitness followed by a wild morning dance party. The owners of DAYBREAKER believe in a different dance concept, one where you don’t need alcohol and drugs to enjoy music. So, on October 15th, when DAYBREAKER began to set up its second stop in Colorado at Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare, Denver was in for a treat.

As soon as the doors opened on the crisp Sunday morning, one could feel the vibe of the place well outside the venue. Each person coming in was greeted with a hug, which was a welcoming change from experiencing going through security to get inside clubs and festivals. Inside, the Hair and Skincare Salon was turned into a spacious industrial space capable of fitting over 200 yogis and a full stage setup to house the DJs. Various sponsors set up booths to provide the participants with healthy snacks, such as protein bars and kombucha, to recharge their energy.

The event began with an hour of yoga hosted by Billy Potocnick, a renowned yoga instructor in the Denver area.

Billy took the whole room on a journey through different positions, breathing techniques and chants. During the yoga session, DJ Kirby K took the attendees on a musical journey. Kirby’s mix of downtempo electronic music with hints of tribal and rainforest sounds was the perfect companion to Billy’s mantra.

As soon as yoga was over, the mats were cleared off the floor and the dance party began. DJ-J’Adore wasted no time and led everyone right into the groove with her energetic set. During these two hours, J’Adore honored the theme of the party, Totally 80’s Hair, by playing many hits from the era. The dance party portion also included several choreographed performances from the Dance is Love team located in Denver. Dance is Love brought out classic 80’s moves to bring the theme and energy of the party alive.

Credit: Mass Musings Photography

OneEDM also had the pleasure to sit down with the owners of DAYBREAKER, Radha, and Eli, to discuss the origin of the concept and what’s next for the company.

OneEDM: Sorry, I just had to catch my breath for a little! I have never experienced anything like that, to wake up early in the day to get ready to party!

Radha: Right?!

OneEDM: You guys are just re-inventing this whole new concept of partying! And it’s crazy, 21 cities now?! Worldwide from Colorado all the way to Tokyo?

Radha: Yeah! It’s been a crazy ride for sure.

OneEDM: So we want to know – how did this all begin? What brought the concept of yoga and dance music together? How did you come up with everything that we saw today?

Radha: Today specifically or just in general?

OneEDM: Just in general. We want to hear about the inception of this concept. It’s so unique, so we would love a little backstory.

Radha: Yeah! You know I think it’s like one of those things when you go out enough in New York and you realize: Wow, it’s just one experience every time. Mean bouncers looking you up and down. Everyone is on some new designer drug or getting wasted. People aren’t actually dancing on the dance floor. Bottle service. The whole nightlife experience had gotten totally overrun by this sort of version of ourselves that is not real. So the idea was, what if we created an experience that was in the morning when everyone’s cup is full, energy is full and we are most optimistic? Right, without alcohol. Remove all vices. Instead of having a mean bouncer, you have a hugging committee. Did you get a hug on your way in?

OneEDM: I did!

Radha: On the way out we have an intention ceremony where we read a poem together out loud. The whole experience is about changing and turning everything we know on its head and getting back to the basics of authentic community, self-expression, wearing ridiculous costumes, and just dancing you’re a** off.

Credit: Mass Musings Photography

OneEDM: I love it! You can’t come in here having any kind of negative attitude because as soon as you walk in, the very first person makes it disappear. It’s simply amazing. So, we just want to know – what is next for DAYBREAKERS? What’s in store for your fans and everyone else?

Radha: You want to take this one babe?

Eli: There are lots in store. So obviously, we are going to continue to build the movement. Here in Denver, it’s going to be once a month. Beyond Denver and the 21 cities, we are going to grow it one city a month. We also are working on several new things outside DAYBREAKER. So we are working on Daily Habits and Training. Concepts that really take you out of this once a month experience and into your daily life. Radha launched something called Go Live It Up, which is our sister company.

Radha: So really, what’s next is to continue to build this movement. We launch on college campuses because college students are really suffering. One of out every four college students are suffering from depression and anxiety and we really want to bring it college campuses which would be a big move for us. So if anyone from your readership that’s in college wants to bring it to their campus, please get in touch! Also, Go Live It Up is a membership club where we bring in experts from all over the world to teach you about all these things you need to know but don’t have the necessarily the skills.Things like time management, self-love, financial independence, sex life, and relationships and other things we struggle with daily.

OneEDM: That is amazing. A lot of college students go into their college years not knowing anything like this. High schools nowadays do not teach out these essential life skills you need to succeed. I love the sense of community you guys have and incorporate into your program. The fact that you guys can accomplish something like this to bring a light to the rave and the dance culture, which has a negative stigma to it. When people think raves and dance music, they think drugs, alcohol, and partying. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Radha: Exactly! That is one of the main reasons we do this. Music is so much more than partying and getting wasted. We want to show the world that.

OneEDM: Well on behalf of Denver and OneEDM, we appreciate you having us out today.

Radha: Thank you!

Credit: Mass Musings Photography

All in all, DAYBREAKER combines two unique concepts and polar opposite concepts, such as yoga and dance parties, in a way to promote positivity, personal, and community development as well. Attending DAYBREAKER in Denver, the energy could be felt in the entire building. It is truly an aspiring movement to watch, and OneEDM wishes nothing but the best for Radha and Eli in their pursuit.

If you want to learn more about Daybreakers college campus program, click here.

DAYBREAKER Combines Yoga and Dance Party to Create a New Unique Concept

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