Decadance New Years Eve 2018

Once upon a rave, somewhere in the distance of the desert you can hear bass travel for miles and see lasers flash from the highway of the I10. As you get closer you feel the bass consume your chest and it’s hard to breath, but you’re not concerned; you’re ecstatic. Your first instinct is to plunge into the crowd and bounce around like crazy with a huge grin on your face stretching from ear to ear. Imagine watching the DJ go wild, delivering bass drops as if he has zero concern for your safety. The only singular responsibility they have is providing you the music you love and preserving the festival spirit.

Truth be told, that’s all you desire because that’s what generates pure bliss and it cements memories that will be engraved in your mind, forever. The clock turns 11:59PM, you and your friends gather together happy as can be, counting down and waiting for the DJ to deliver in the new year in style. Midnight strikes, balloons fall, lasers rage, love and affection engulf the room. So guess what that means? The new year has arrived. At this point you might be wondering; where am I? Well, ladies and gentlemen welcome to Decadence Arizona.

What did you just witness with your very own eyes? One of the best festivals in the country. Decadence Arizona. Coming December 30th and 31st. With a lineup like this never before seen in the desert. Ranging from edgy psychedelic tech like Rezz to full on neck breakers like Nghtmre. Don’t forget your shuffle shoes when Anti Up comes to play. These big names draw such a big crowd within the edm community, but this year Relentless Beats threw us a curve ball that no one saw coming. Huge announcement for DJ Diesel aka Shaquille O’Neal number 34, the big cactus, shaq diesel, and yes he is now delivering some filthy dub to the party of the year. Making appearances at Lost Lands and other shows within LA and leaving his imprint on the community. Relentless Beats dropped a bomb on the AZ Rave Fam this year. December 30th, we will be ready.

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