Decadence Arizona to debut GA Hydration Lounge presented to you by GenZ Outdoor, Moon Lvnding, and Raveraide

Relentless Beats is bringing one of the biggest NYE parties back for another two-night long session of bangin’ beats in the desert. Like many years in the past, the lineup brings nothing but heat with artists like Excision, Dj Snake, Marshmello, Chris Lake and more. As of now the venue still has tickets for sale, but we have heard from a multitude of sources that this year is likely to be a sold-out event.

While the lineup attracts many attendees, Relentless Beats has been focusing on enhancing their festival experience. With the implementation of the Weird and Wonderful a few years back, Relentless is looking to make the festival more than just music with a few stages.

This year they’ve added even more action with an entire GA Hydration Lounge curated by 3 big brands in the festival space, GenZ Outdoor, Moon Lvnding and Raveraide. The space looks to be perfect for hanging out and getting warm with your crew. The 20 x 40-foot area will include 4 space heaters, a ton of seating, charging stations, tables to set down a drink, and photo worthy backdrops. Not to mention all 3 brands will be selling a ton of product and doing onsite giveaways.

If you haven’t heard of any of these brands, you must have been living under a rock for the past few years, or maybe you’re new to the festival scene. Regardless, we will give you the lowdown on what each company is bringing to the table.

GenZ Outdoor is the brainchild behind the rave hydration pack coined, the RaveRunner. This pack is anti-theft, customizable, has light features, and a solar charger attached to it. It is quite literally the ultimate festival backpack. Last spring GenZ launched chest utility bags and other minimalist chest packs for those who are looking to carry something smaller than a large 2 liter backpack.

More recently they launched a clear hydration backpack to comply with the growing list of festivals that are prohibiting and bags that are not clear. GenZ has sponsored a few events with Relentless beats including Goldrush and Decadence 2019 and they did a great job reminding everyone to stay hydrated.

GenZ’s roots come from the ultra-running scene. Founder, Ryan Lange, found himself going to every music festival he could attend while he was in the midst of training for a 240-mile footrace. He had a firsthand experience with top-of-the-line hydration packs. He got tons of comments on the hydration pack that his grandmother rigged for him to be styler for raves, and that is when Ryan began the deep dive into starting his own brand. Now GenZ Outdoor has sold thousands of hydration packs leading people to ask, why wasn’t this made before?”

We expect the high-energy RaveRunner Street team to bring just as much good vibes as they did in 2019 when they sponsored the event. In previous years, they hid a light switch on site. When flipped to the on position a mysterious box lit up which held a surprise gift in it. I am sure more crazy giveaways will ensue, but you will have to head over to the hydration lounge to find out.

Moon Lvnding is another partner on the giant curation. Moon Lvnding has been covering dance music and event promotion for a few years now. Not only are they covering the latest news and releases, but they have also been creating playlists and bringing in popular DJ’s for guest mixes.

Moon Lvnding found themselves wanting to do more for the community, so they began setting up shop at all Relentless Beats shows with an arsenal of festival gear for all attendees.  

This year will be no different. They have expanded their space to a 10 x 20-foot area to accompany all their rave essentials placed in their store. There a very few festival products that Moon Lvnding will not be providing. If you are in a last-minute pinch for some rave swag plan on stopping by the Moon Lvnding tent before you get you night started. Word on the street is they will even provide arm marbling this year.

Raveraide is the final collaborator for the hydration curation. With launching about a year ago and making some serious noise in the festival scene, Raveraide created a hydration supplement to replace electrolytes and other micronutrients lost while partying on the dancefloor. Unlike all other supplements on the market, Raveraide is the first hydration stick to be used, before, during, and after any event.

The story behind Raveraide is fantastic. Founder, Tyler Hardie, experience a friend lose consciousness at an event. This individual was entirely deprived of all micronutrients in their body. Even though they were drinking enough water. They were unaware of what their body was missing. Their body simply couldn’t handle the situation and it was there that Tyler knew he needed to create a solution.

Their flagship flavor, Litty Lemonade, tastes much better than all other hydration supplements. With minimal sugar and other ineffective ingredients that most other hydration solutions add, consuming Raveraide not only gives your body what it needs, but don’t ruin your stomach or spur any negative effects on your body. In comparing Raveraide’s ingredients to other hydration supplements on the market it is easy to comprehend why they are gaining traction so quickly. The amount of sugar and useless ingredients other brands incorporate just doesn’t make sense.

By now you can understand why Relentless Beats coordinated the three brands coming together. The synergies make sense, and we expect all attendees to reap the benefits of what these brands are creating this New Year’s Eve.

If you plan on attending Decadence AZ, be sure to head over to their lounge to get warmed up, charge your phone, and get properly hydrated. Each brand is bringing an entire team of ambassadors to meet, greet, and hangout with. If you’ve heard of these products but still are not sold on what they are doing, this is the perfect opportunity to really understand the solutions they provide.

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