Dirtybird Campout East Coast 2018

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Dirtybird Campout East Coast 2018

OneEDM just returned from the inaugural Dirtybird Campout East Coast, which was nothing short of a groovy time. Despite the mishaps on Friday, all in attendance made it work between the good vibes and renegade stages. On Friday, Osceola County received some noise complaints from the pre-party Thursday night. Come to find out later that evening the permit was authorized to start Friday at 10 am for the event, which did not cover the pre-party Thursday. This resulted in a quiet Friday night.


The arrival went smoothly for all who joined in on the pre-party. The tents went up, the music started playing, and the drinks started flowing. We got a little taste of what was to come this weekend with Seth Troxler and none other than Claude VonStroke. This night was the perfect way to warm us all up for what was to come, and maybe we had too much fun.

However, the permits got pulled by the county because of pre-party noise. After hours of phone calls and hope, we got the good word Saturday morning that the show will go on. Claude drove around camp in a golf cart spreading the news. During a press conference Saturday afternoon, Claude explained the situation with a little help from his wife Aundy:

The music is back! After a long, sleepless night, during which no stone was left unturned, the music will be on today! Thanks to the officials of Osceola County for working with us t

o get this resolved, and to our campers who’ve kept the vibes high. Scheduling updates to follow

After the storm

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The music on Saturday and Sunday at The Birdhouse and the Basslodge got shut off around 10 pm each night, but that was not the case at camp. We heard music throughout the night and early am. The amount of dedication we experienced this weekend was out of this world. The series of unfortunate events added character to the weekend and allowed everyone to bond on a different level with one another.


As we strolled down to the festival grounds to meet up with some friends, we stopped one of the stage managers Saturday morning when we realized someone was performing a sound check on the Birdhouse stage. Per stage manager, the show will go on thanks to some big shots in the Florida government. News quickly spread around camp, and you can hear the joy from tent to tent. The show will go on. We put on our dancing pants and got ready to boogie on down to the dance floor to make up for lost time.

The mixture of people from all different walks of life, the costumes, the totems and the high spirits kept the weekend afloat.  Christian Martin was the first up on the BirdHouse stage Saturday afternoon, what a way to set us up for a day full of hot tunes. The top set from Saturday goes to Fisher. Many attendees were talking about it into the night at the renegade stages. Throughout the weekend you could hear his most popular anthems lyrics “…moving up and down side to side like a roller coaster…” , also know as “Stop It”.

The vibes didn’t seem to be hindered once the renegade stages kicked up at 10pm on Saturday.  After the main stage area closed down for the night, artists such as Mija, Justin Martin, and Billy Kenny hopped around the campgrounds from stage to stage. There was certainly no lack of music at any hour during Campout.

Sunday Funday

The bird were chirping, the sun was hiding , but that did not stop the spirits on the campground. We still had one more day to dance.  Despite the rain on Sunday,  everyone had a great time. Top set would have to go to Claptone. Those beats and the mask make it appealing for the eyes and ears. While he was keeping us dancing the Superb Owl was entertaining many campers  with the Superbowl and a dry place to dance . You can say Sunday was far from a washout.

Beyond the Music

There were games galore to keep us campers at ease while daddy Claude fixed the music situation. If you have some competitiveness in your heart this was definitely the place to be. Volleyball, water balloon fight, potato sack races, as well as kayaking in the middle of the festival grounds. Each team player received a colored bandanna to rep your clique; team purple and green! One EDM came across some very interesting costumes over the weekend; our favorite was the all American egg man. Besides the cool get ups we came across, a lot of people showed their artistic creativity with their totems and different flow toys.

Permit Pandemonium

A  week since the kickoff, Dolab and the Dirtybird crew offered a heartfelt apology which included a deeper explanation and  information about a  discount for East Coast Campout  2019.  The permits were to be obtained by venue and said venue failed to obtain proper permits to start on Thursday February 1st, which resulted in the temporary hold up Friday.

Dirtybird, Ya did it. We would like to thank Claude, The Dirtybird Fam, Dolab and of course Infamous for allowing us to be a part of the inaugural East Coast Campout. Until next time campers…

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