A Weekend At Camp – Dirtybird Campout [UPDATED]

Dirty bird Campout round three took place in Bradley, California near Lake Nacimento from October 6th-8th. Dirtybird Records created a one of a kind festival, with artists like Justin Martin, Madlib, Shiba San, Walker & Royce and of course the legendary founder of DB Claude VonStroke. Two stacked main stages with enough conflicts to give you a weekend full of FOMO even though were at the event. The summer camp aesthetic was in full effect and each and every detail was carefully executed, creating a seamless and nostalgic experience for every camper.


Arriving at the venue was fairly easy we were able to skip straight through security and will call in no time at all. Organization on this level is difficult and entrances to camp outs are often plagued with long lines and grumpy campers and security. However, the DB crew was fast and friendly and entry couldn’t have been more effortless. They clearly worked hard to create that peaceful and welcoming vibe from the moment your car rolled through the gates. We were lucky enough to run into some super helpful and friendly campers who were more than willing to help set up our tents in the darkness so we could get down to the most important part of the weekend, dancing.

Heading into the festival was either a short 15 min walk or a shuttle ride that happened to come by every half hour. Walking in there were giant bunk beds for those who were by to the karaoke and performance stage. All food and merchandise vendors had cabin type setups.

The festival featured two main stages and a tree house taproom, as well as many daily activities starting with yoga at 7, am to dodge ball games and even archery throughout the day. Space was limitless for those wanting to catch a set at the main stage. The main stage named Birdhouse was also built to look like a giant wooden cabin with a giant eagle at the top and the sound was heavy.

The weekend’s weather was hot, ranging in the 90 degrees during the day and dropping below 50 at night. Good thing the walk to camp was not too far to walk to for a change of clothes and to grab a sweater.

Day 1

One of most memorable sets were Claude VonStroke headlining the night. Of course being the founder of Dirtybird the crowd was wild and ready to watch the legend. The whole time the crowd was a wave of the moment, nonstop beats to make your heart skip a beat. The crowd was filled with many podiums as well. On stage, you could see many other artists watching his set. Claude Von Stroke who’s real name is Barclay is an artist who throws down but was also the one artist we saw the most throughout the weekend. We saw him at the dodge ball game to the Karaoke stage and not just on stage supporting his artist friends.

Day 2

The day was again filled with a crazy lineup and every artist threw down their best sets. Saturday night seemed to have the most campers as much more arrived that day.  some performances stood out more from others as some artist had latest hits outs and the crowds went wild as they dropped those tracks. With a lineup like that no one could complain about not seeing a killer set.

Day 3

The final day was packed with artists you couldn’t miss.Just like everyday the vibe was there as well as the creativity. Sacha Robotti was one you did not one to miss, this artist knows how to work the crowd. Robotti, who is known to have a sloth for a symbol was wearing a stuffed sloth on his earphone. His funky style goes with his funky tunes. The last night ended with a family set, a set that was the closing set to a great weekend.

Sacha Robo

Dirtybird Campout a unique festival that is making itself more memorable every year. If you love house music this is one campout you can’t miss. Every single returning camper we met was stoked and had high expectations and those expectations were met without a doubt.

Every single artist said they loved Dirtybird Campout and decided to stay for the full weekend to hang out. This is definitely something we saw through out the weekend as we saw many artist at the different activities they offered and even saw some show up at a couple of renegades at night in the campers campground to do a guest DJ set. We want to thank Dirtybird Campout for letting us have the opportunity to experience this and make unforgettable memories. Dirty bird did announce their East Coast Campout this coming February and after reading this blog will we see you there?

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