Dirtybird Campout West 2018 Drops Phase Two Lineup

Dirtybird Campout West 2018

Phase Two LineupDirtybird

Dirtybird Campout releases phase two of their lineup that will complete the 2018 edition of the west coast massive event. It is a great one, which shows the diversity of the lineup while bringing the likes of Kyle Watson who is one of the rising stars in all of house music. Drum and bass legends Ivy Lab will also be there. Sacha Robotti who has been a beam of light and love and always provided banging tunes. Last but not least, A-Trak who is known for his turntable skills and production prowess as he will be throwing down a DJ set of all old-school hip-hop.

There is a slew of contests being announced with this as well as the DJ contest and the annual patch contest, plus the Shiba San meet & greet as well.

Make sure to snag your tickets to the best party on the west coast while they are still available.

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