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Dirtybird teams up with to introduce Dirtybird LIVE

Titled Dirtybird LIVE, the dance music label Dirtybird is partnering with the new livestream platform to create a daily interactive fan experience beyond just live streams.

Dirtybird LIVE has a packed schedule featuring many of the label’s artists. While music is essential, Dirtybird COO/CMO Aundy Caldwell Crenshaw emphasizes other aspects of live events that made them special.

“We hear a lot from our fans and we knew they needed the community aspect,” says Crenshaw. “We wanted to present something unique and different, not just livestream parties or DJs sets. Like our live events, music and DJs are the center, but we round it out with lots of elements.”

Dirtybird LIVE content and partnership

Such elements include talk shows, standup and sketch comedy, and yoga and cooking classes. Fans can even submit their own videos to be a part of the live stream. The activities featured on Dirtybird LIVE emulate the label’s festival, Dirtybird Campout, where audiences could partake in similar experiences.’s co-founder and CEO Matthew Adell saw the natural partnership between the livestreaming service and Dirtybird’s vision.

“Dirtybird is the perfect partner for,” Adell says. “They have always taken a creative approach to music and events that is truly fan-centric. They are building an entire schedule of great, live things to watch. This kind of exploratory, open-minded vision is what will turn livestreaming from a niche or a stopgap into a new way to express and entertain.”

Dirtybird Couchout

In addition to Dirtybird LIVE’s 40 hours of streams a week, Dirtybird Couchout is scheduled for the weekend of October 2.

“It’s going to be 13 hours a day over the weekend and a Couchout takeover extended throughout the week with our normal schedule,” Crenshaw says. “We’re looking forward to getting our artists and our fans together over what would have been Dirtybird Campout weekend.” 

Fans can visit to watch Dirtybird LIVE today and Dirtybird Couchout when the EDM live stream airs.

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