Disco Donnie Presents: Inaugural Ubbi Dubbi Music Festival

Disco Donnie Presents turned Panther Island in Ft. Worth Texas into a magical land of music dubbed Ubbi Dubbi. Held on April 27th-28th the pavilion was transformed to hold three stages all featuring their own amenities. However, the two-day event did have its ups and downs but for the most part, most festival goers were not prepared for the sensory overload from all of the electronic goodness. Furthermore, top of the line audio and visual production helped launch this first-ever festival into a premier springtime festival in Texas.

A total of three stages were located upon the pavilion. One was home to Ubbi the pink creature that is seen on the feature image. Ubbi is more of a fan of house/trance music while Dubbi (the blue creature), on the other hand, is more into trap and dubstep. The last stage, the zoom room, was especially great.


Ubbi was the main stage here at Ubbi Dubbi. House music was the theme of this stage and people were loving it. Throughout every moment of the two-day event, it seemed like it was never dead. Amazing performances took place here at Ubbi such as Galantis, Nghtmre, Illenium, and What So Not. All of which absolutely killed it and made for an intriguing look right upon entrance.

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Dubbi was a powerhouse full of deep dubs that could be heard from far away. A very live stage indeed is what this stage can be defined as. Ground shaking bass, headbanging, and a lot of vibes. Front and center was ridiculously hard to get to at this stage. It was a sea of people shoulder to shoulder as far as the eye could see. No matter how far back anyone was the performances and music were amazing. Performances from Drezo, Zeds Dead, Space Jesus, Lucii, and a lot more took place.

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Zoom Room

A beautiful up close stage that was bumping fast paced house, electro-house music. Upbeat, loud, and very close to the performers helped make this a very exciting stage. Notable performances such as Codes, Walker & Royce, and Chris Lake destroyed there sets. It was an overall great experience being at this stage.

Day 1

Day one of Ubbi Dubbi was a hot one, starting the day off at 2:00 PM in prime Texas heat. Interesting art pieces were located evenly throughout the pavilion that immediately drew a lot of attention. Free water stations had lines from opening to just around the time the sun went down. Bass was hitting from every direction and the eye would get lost in some rather interesting rave attire. Tons of port-o-potties were on deck along with a long line of venues and pop up shops from many different companies. Outside of the stores Ubbi Dubbi also has some amazing options when it came to food an alcohol as well. For thoes attending the festival, it closed at 12:00am on both nights, leaving those attending the task of getting homes safely. For those attending future Texas shows, make sure to understand how Texas defines DWI (driving while intoxicated), read more here.

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While the sun was out, performances from the acts of Lucii and Drezo really took attention from many of the fans. Both killed it and got us hyped for the night. Sun goes down and lasers come out, Space Jesus takes the stage and obliterates it with old, new, and even unreleased music. The night could not have gotten any better. This is when the first initial problem took place, peoples phones were dying and could not locate the charging stations on the map. The official map by Disco Donnie Presents showed charging stations but none were actually on site. This was a problem that infuriated attendants. Forced to pay for the lockers with chargers inside that sadly did not have enough power to charge a phone.

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Final Act

The final act was fixing to take place, Galantis on Ubbi’s stage and Zed’s Dead on Dubbi’s. Galantis was killing it, fire cues on point, Zed’s Dead is doing his thing. All of a sudden good old Texas weather does its thing. The rain seemed like it belonged to tropic territory rather than Texas. It was pouring and all guests had to evacuate in the middle of both major performances. All 10,000 guests walked across the worlds smallest bridge soaking wet in hope to make it home safely, or at all.

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Day 2

Day two of Ubbi Dubbi was an entirely different story. Festival-goers were a lot more prepared and familiar with the playing field. Food trucks wherein full service, water stations looked a lot more manageable, and the music was going just as hard if not harder. Sets from Codes, Walker & Royce, What So Not, Chris Lake, and Illenium blew minds with outstanding performances. Overall the experience left a mark on everyone’s heart. The wild two-day experience left guests looking forward to next years edition of Ubbi Dubbi.

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Home to the ubbs and dubbs

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Throughout both days music was constantly booming and keeping blood pumping fiercely. Ubbi Dubbi is truly a captivating event that has the ubbs and dubbs locked down. Ubbi Dubbi can be described as the next big springtime event in Ft. Worth, Texas. For a first time event, it is ridiculously successful. Make sure to make some room on the calendar for next year because it is an event that surely cannot be missed.

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