Dreamstate SF is Tomorrow!

The Dreamstate brand has been Insomniac and America’s capital ship for Trance for the past year and a half. Dreamstate SF is right around the corner and the set times have been announced this week.


This is the second annual edition of the San Francisco event and with a new date. The event was moved from January to, of course, May this year. Since November of 2015 when Insomniac held its first Dreamstate in SoCal, fans old and new to trance have been immersed in state of the art production and quality music from DJs who don’t just show up and press play. These are DJs who have played the globe and still keep it as fresh as early morning. Then of course, there’s that ever thriving sense of community and what many call Trance Family that gives these events and this genre such a unique quality.

Photos courtesy of Insomniac Events


For those experiencing this as their first event or those simply getting into trance, here are some things to remember. First of all, have an open mind; the music may not be build up and drop or loud bangers but it’s nonstop energy all night long. If there is one thing about trance, it’s that it can definitely elevate you with its rolling bass lines, hard hitting drums and heavenly melodies. With acts such as Fleming and Lawrence, John O’ Callaghan, Pure NRG, Liquid Ace and Astrix, it’s a sure fire thing that you’ll need to rest up to keep up. After going to this event, you are guaranteed to have a new found love for trance and find your niche within the genre. Trance is astonishingly diverse and Dreamstate SF represents that diversity. In multiform from vocal trance, progressive, uplifting, tech and psy, there is a treat for every individual. For the event goers who want to plunge into their feelings, there are plenty of artists who go into the uplifting trance and vocal world. As for the ones needing harder styles, you can be sure to get your fix of some tech and psy.

Dreamstate SF goes above and beyond in terms of special, as it is a homecoming for the Bay’s own Christopher Lawrence. Having been through a lot for the past 20 years, he holds true to his past and owns his label Pharmacy. He’s stood on the fronts of the rave dance music scene long enough to be deemed responsible for shaping the San Francisco scene. He is set to do a back to back with one of the great forces of the underground, John 00 Fleming.  You can expect some heavy hitters from both these artists. If you’re not prepared or are wondering what you’re in for, simply check out their set from last year.

If after this event you want more, definitely check out the Dreamstate stage “Quantum Valley” at EDC Vegas. If you’re not attending EDC, don’t fret. You can be sure to get the announcement for the original Dreamstate in SoCal very soon.





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