Dusk Music Festival in Tucson Was a Blast

Dusk Music Festival, held on 13-14th November in Tucson’s Jacome Plaza, was a really fun weekend. The all-ages event was run smoothly and efficiently. I really enjoyed myself the whole time. The weather was perfect too, not too hot and not too cold.


Jimmy Eat World shot by Luis D Colato

The diversity in the lineup is what really stood out to me at this festival. There were bands like Jimmy Eat World, and Grouplove, while also featuring electronic acts such as Diplo. Watching Jimmy Eat World was so nostalgic to me. When they played ‘The Middle’ the whole crowd screamed in delight and sang along to all the words. That was such an epic moment for me, it was a truly special night. Grouplove had amazing energy and had the crowd dancing non-stop. I got to see Diplo and John Summit and their sets were good as well. My favorite act of the festival was probably Sage Armstrong. He killed his set and had everyone vibing.

Festival Layout

Art piece. Photo by Jacob Tyler Dunn

I really liked the festival layout. The merch and food and drink vendors were all spread out and it was very easy to get to all the stages. I loved the amount of options that were featured for food and drinks, along with alcohol. They also had marijuana vendors who offered merch and marijuana paraphernalia. Of course, being in Tucson, I had to get Eegee’s and I got a pina colada flavored one. It was delicious! There was pizza, grilled cheese, tacos, and more all offered. There was even a massage vendor in the VIP section and I got the best massage ever.


Visuals and lighting was on point. I liked how they set up all the stages. It was easy to get to everything, be it food or drinks. Sound was good as well, I didn’t really hear much sound bleed at all. However, I feel the bass could have been improved on but that was just a small thing I observed. The lasers at the festival was really cool and provided attendees a visually-pleasing experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the festival was a blast!! I met so many new people and everyone was so kind and friendly. I thought Relentless Beats did an amazing job curating an experience with art, music and food. The festival exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to returning back to this festival in the years to come!

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