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If you have been to the Tinker field, you will understand how different ideas merge to form an EDC Orlando experience. For some, it is simply a trip back home to reunite with friends they have made for years while others see it as an opportunity to discover new things and escape the monotony of everyday life. You see, the festival, EDC, was designed to promote music and art to inspire different people. Now, you can enjoy the three-dimensional world class structures, colorful LED lights, and everything associated with LED-infused flora and fauna.

The 2017 edition’s design was a highlight from a photography standpoint which featured a pyramid look with massive LED screens and fireworks. For 2018, all you could notice were circuit grounds that looked more like a baseball scoreboard. People expected disturbing sound effects considering the layout was quite unusual towers formed an enclosure. This was not the case. Instead, people connected, on and off the dance floor irrespective of their gender, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, and financial status.

At one instance, the crowd was waving flags from different counties with the artist calling out all the nations they could see including; England, Israel, Brazil, Ireland, and South Africa, among others. This means the show attracts people from diverse backgrounds who come together to get an epic experience. Talk about assembling people from all continents to come and enjoy performances by their favorite artists. Now they will have something to show their loved ones back at home once the show is over.

Below, is a look at headliners and experience ahead for this festival: EDC Orlando 2019.

The Headliners

This year, the Sunshine State is expected to bloom and usher headliners from across the globe to commemorate the 8th year under the Electric Sky in Orlando, FL. Huge artists will take the stage at the Tinker Field on November 17-19, 2019. For the first time, Insomniac and Surreal flagged off the official EDC Charity initiative. All the donations go towards people that are battling suicide and other mental illnesses, under the theme “To Write Love on Her Arms.”

Electronic dance music culture and visual art have always been the cornerstones for each EDC experience. For example, each year, different artists will come together to showcase their performances at the great Tinker Field. Also, the carnival event has many sponsors, including Uber, Tinder, Smirnoff, and Corona Electric Beach. Fans interested in attending the show need to secure a ticket before the campaign season comes to a close.

Meet and greet your favorite artists

Each year, many people flock Electric Daisy Carnival for various reasons. At the EDC Orlando 2019 edition, fans will meet music lovers, performers, and artists who are ready to showcase their skills for three days. With two VIP tickets to EDC Orlando, you will meet different artists, including Kaskade, Alesso, Illenium, and Gryffin, who are ready to meet and greet you. Also, you will have the opportunity to book affordable flight and hotel accommodations.

The Art: Something for everyone

Since the event takes place in an open field, there is a lot of room to work with while planning the event layout and traffic. Moreover, the space is massive enough to accommodate thousands of attendees without feeling overcrowded. The colorful lights with fireworks ignite the kinetic energy even as the artists take over the stage. Since the water fountains, light show, dancers, and video screen imagery, all display a custom design fit to satisfy a goddess’s heart, these artworks will guarantee a great show.

Also, partygoers also have plenty of things to enjoy. From Ferris wheels, butt-cheek models, marching bands, to stilt walkers, you will have something to tickle your fancy. Furthermore, it is no wonder people come from areas like Jacksonville to attend the show.

Shopping experience

As expected, there is plenty of shopping to do during the show. Shoppers who will venture into the Boom Box Art Car will find people selling various products. This gives shoppers a front row ticket to the artists who are performing at the time. Insomniac also gives attendees a taste of what Camp EDC is like with a few features that are used to create the Moon Glow and Desert.

Rose camping effects

Book your chance to win a VIP ticket

Attendees that have watched previous performances must have looked forward to watching and get an epic EDC Orlando 2019 experience. Be ready to meet artists such as NERVO, Illenium, Kaskade, Alesso, and Kayzo, among others. The campaign is from September 26 to November 3. Anyone wanting to attend the Electric Daisy Carnival experience this year requires these steps:

Select the experience you would expect to win. Make sure you have entered all the three with the bundle pack.

You can donate as little as $5. Increase the amount to gain more entries you receive for a chance to win.

Once the campaign season comes to a close, organizers will select a winner for each experience package.

The lucky winner will be allowed to pick a friend to enjoy the EDC experiences with artists including two VIP tickets to the EDC Orlando 2019 event, a roundtrip airfare sponsored by Orbitz, accommodations, and a signed artist package.

Parting shot for Headliners

Donating to the sick is for a good cause. The show will remain at Camping World Stadium. Remember, every flagship carnival event held allows Insomniac Care to donate a specific percentage of ticket sales to national charities and organizations. Do not hesitate to enter and donate because you are afraid of losing your money. The odds of winning could be slim, but you could look on the bright side. The little you donate will make a difference. So, make a difference and be the change everyone truly deserves. EDC Orlando is now held for three days instead of the usual two days.

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