Electric Forest and GenZ Outdoor Unite to
Create an Epic Festival Hydration Pack

In a new project unveiled earlier this week GenZ Outdoor designed an Electric Forest exclusive backpack. Ryan Lange, GenZ’s founder and designer, guaranteed it would stand out in the crowd.

DENVER, CO – This year marked the first return to the Forest in nearly 3 years. Ticketholders have been patiently waiting for years to finally make their way back to Rothbury, MI for a week of epic exploration in the woods. Everyone involved in the festival is putting their best foot forward to assure that it was worth the wait. GenZ Outdoor, the brains behind the first Anti-Theft Hydration Pack coined the RaveRunner, developed a hydration pack to pay homage to the return of one of the nations most renowned music events.

Thieves at festivals has been a rampant problem. GenZ Outdoor released a study that found ~$800 million in valuables is stolen from people nationwide on an annual basis at festivals.  This innovative rave backpack includes an anti-theft design. Pickpockets won’t stand a chance with inverted zippers. To gain access to the main compartment, users need to fully take the bag off their shoulders. To be sure that phones are kept safe and accessible, GenZ added chest pockets to securely hold your phone in a spot you can grab it relatively quickly.

With the ability to carry two liters of water with plenty of warm clothing for when the sun goes down, the GenZ x EF collab will properly equip Forest Dwellers for a weekend long frolic with everything they need. To note, many festivals are now restricting bag sizing limits to gain entry to events. Designer, Ryan Lange stresses,

“This bag is made for Electric Forest, obviously, but we made sure you could gain access to any festival in the US with it to show your support for your favorite festival.”

Coming in two colors, Medieval Black and Forest Green, GenZ gave people some options to match outfits or have a reason to by both. 

“Some people like to be bold, but most customers will want to keep it simple, we wanted to ensure all attendees had an option, so we developed two colors,” Lange explained

New features are cool and all, but the art on this hydration pack is the true selling point. By utilizing Electric Forests cover art, GenZ was about to modify and create some shapes to craft a beautiful and symmetrical design that is sure to make attendees fit right into the forest.  

Electric Forest decided to sell this exclusively at the festival to give this year’s attendees the first chance to purchase. If there are any left, you’ll be able to find them on Electric Forest website for resale. So, if you’re attending this years event, make your way to the merch tent before these are wiped clean. 

GenZ Outdoor is yet to disappoint with all their products. From chest packs to festival hydration packs and workout gear, their products guarantee a functional and innovative solution to your weekend adventure. We doubt this collaborative bag will do anything but drive excitement and enable users to have a greater experience and EF 2022 and beyond.

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