Elements Music And Arts Festival Is Less Than Two Weeks Away

The intimate embrace of this year’s Elements Music and Arts Festival in Lakewood, Pennsylvania is in short sight. With the festival quickly approaching, it is not too late to come and be apart of the Elements family. Taking place from May 24-27, 2019. One should come to meet like minded friends for four days of intense electronic music. Starkly balanced out with a relaxing smaller sized crowd. Along with pristine festival grounds tucked in beside Fork Mountain Pond. Festival goers, sick of the massive crowds and chaos that comes with typically larger festivals, can forgo those woes and instead get away from it all at Lakewood.

Driving to Lakewood should be a breeze for most. Only those in the tri-state area should move quickly. Make plans for the incredible extended weekend that Elements is sure to deliver on.

Elements is also partnering with for rides to and from the festival at convenient city locations. Tickets will be $39 each way from New York City to Lakewood and vice versa.

Tickets and camping are still available here. Be sure to check out past years Elements festival here. You can also follow Elements on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest Elements’ news.

Elements has a stage for you

They have a spectrum of electronic music and above. Whether you want to throw your hands in there air, flow in hypnotic states, or feel the heavy bass, they have a stage for anyone.

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The Fire stage

If you like to dance till you sweat you will enjoy this stage. This stage is filled with fire that is high-energy and it’s intense, at this stage you should expect tech and bass house tunes. Some artists include; Disclosure, Fisher, Steve Darko, N2N, Justin Martin.

The Earth stage

Just like our planet, Elements earth stage is eclectic. At this stage, one can catch anything from heavy bass jam bands to downtempo acts. Some artists include; Big Gigantic, Soft Tukker, Liquid Stranger, Clozee, Russ Liquid, Memba, Choppy Oppy, 5AM Trio. Check out Clozee article here.

Air stage

With the Air stage, it is ethereal like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Music is sexy, thoughtful and smooth, from a range of artists. From deep house to electronica and ambient. Some artists include; Seth Troxler, Damian Lazarus, Francesca Lombardo, Monolink, Stavroz, Atish, Gab Rhome.

Elements also include two more stages. The Theatre stage and an Alchemy/Waterpool/Pool Haus stage. Check out Elements’ full line up HERE.

Elements has Art

Elements lives for the moments when the fine line between the onlooker and participant is crossed. Run through the hallway of infinity mirrors or lose track of time exploring the enchanted forest. This festival is an adventure. With this year it is expected to see more art cars, larger sculptures, areas for relaxation, and secret paths. Fire pits are also on sight to gather and build community. There are also tea ceremonies where one can channel their imagination. Cozy lounges are available to take part in camp games and immerse themselves in visual stimuli. You can stay tuned for all art installations to be announced here.

Courtesy – Elements’
Courtesy – ALIVE Coverage

Elements has Food

Always remember, the way to one’s heart is through food. Elements invites you to nourish yourself and rejoiced in regional flavors, healthy grub, and thirst-quenching beverages. They also have numerous vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Courtesy – Elements’

Elements has Health and Wellness

Elements has three full days of Heath and Wellness programs. Planned in Aromatherapy, BassYoga, Ecstatic Dance, Improv Comedy, Workshops, Sunset Yoga Flow and Hip Hop, Sound Baths, and many more.

Elements has Sustainability

Elements believes in being a holistically sustainable festival. Environmentally, socially and logically. Elements sustainability is based on the pillars of local stewardship, awareness and social sustainability. They leave no trace behind. Elements offers discounts for hybrid/electric vehicles. Also, make it a mission to drastically reduce plastic this year.

Rain or shine

Elements Lakewood is Rain or Shine.  In the event of the occasional sprinkle, they have got you covered – literally. Elements will have plenty of covered spaces and indoor areas including indoor late night stages.  Under dangerous/severe weather occurrences, the festival retains the right to suspend the event or evacuate the festival grounds in favor of everyone’s safety.  


  • Where is camping in relation to the festival?  GA Camping is located within the main festival grounds.  These camping areas will be cleary on the festival map.
  • Is there Car Camping?  Yes. Elements’ have limited car camping available.
  • Can I bring a generator or grill? Yes and yes. Make sure to check out to see a generator that’s revolutioning the generator world. For grills, head over to Amazong for affordable selections on all ranges.
  • What time may camper’s enter? Campers may enter at 10 AM on Friday, May 25 and must depart on Monday, May 28 at 12 PM
  • How big are camping plots? Space up to 10×10 is allocated per person.  Size accommodates most medium-large tents + a small EZ-up.

General Store: Basic convenience items will be available for purchase.

Check out Elements’ Camping Do’s & Don’ts

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