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The union of the five elements is approaching, and OneEDM is here to guide your earthy and harmonious celebration. BangOn!NYC encourages you to high tail it to Hunts Point in The Bronx Saturday, August 12 and Sunday the 13th. ELEMENTS will bring their hard-boiled and bawdy music and arts festival to you free spirited music idolizers. We wanted to give you a quick warm up of what to expect during this dogs day ragtime weekend.

A quick subway ride on the 6 train to 149th Street will carry you to a vivid and vibrant merriment. You’ve got five stages to cover people so listen up. – Earth/Air/Water/Fire/Fifth Element and they all will be housing some sterling young talent for you to fall in love with. Tons of other tidbits in an entirely new world for you to experience will race your motor and knock your socks off. Here’s a brief rundown of a couple of stages with whom will be performing and where to find them, as well as other add-ons we know you will enjoy the sounds of.



Take a walk over and catch the New York native producer Aire Atlantica,  where his set will run from 3:15-4:45 PM. His indie/hip-hop electronic stylings will be a nice start to your eventful evening. If you like to stick around the earth stage, expect the electronic passions of Denver bred, STeLOUSE. His latest single Bones” ft Tilian will be a sure crowd pleaser. Another interesting offering from the earth stage is the night’s secret guest from 9:30-10 PM. Not much has been announced, but the small known information is enough to keep interest. To close the cosmos stage is none other than the funked out electronic main man, GRIZ. From 10:30-12 AM you can cut the rug, bunny hop, trip the light and sweat off your glitter as soulful saxophones and electronic particles from GRIZ seep into your system.


Opening phase two of the earth stage is Matt Medved, the worldly talent and Shaman-house musician. Founder of Billboard Dance, Matt welds his influences of foreign sounds together with Chicago and New York club house beats to formulate a rhythmic impact. Blessing the earth stage from 5-6:15 PM will be the artistically animated, GIRAFFAGEDo not miss Flying Lotus, 8:30-10 PM with his conceptual and abstract visual art. The critically acclaimed rising star is breaking barriers in the studio and on stage. Now it’s time for The Bronx to get a taste. But closing the stage at 10:30 PM, Zeds Dead, and their heavy bass line and electronic team up. The Toronto twosome has been known to cause an earthquake of a performance in the past, so it’s fitting to be finishing off the earth stage.



Refining gold with fire, The Golden Pony will bring their big dance beats and brunette curls to the Elements jubilee. From 4-5 PM, Timothy and Thomas will have you “die inside your dance” at this life bringing stage. Shiba San, the French Hip-Hoppin’ House honcho will *beep* it up from 6:15-7:30 PM so be ready to shuffle and boogie on down with the rest of the H20 horde.  At 7:30 PM, the Dutch electronic and house DJ/producer Bakermat takes his turn and (fingers crossed) brings his live saxophone set. Close the water stage with the New York city electro pop duo The Knocks. Thier 2017 EP Testify is a caboodle of on the ball electronic subsidies. From 9:30-10 PM, experience the A-list allurement only New York can offer you.


Catch Motum opening the water stage, this young talent has built his skills around music early in life. Trained in piano and accomplished in live engineering, Motum has the deep house and tech-house sounds that’ll touch your late night cravings during a Sunday afternoon. Kicking in all four directions with their techno house bangers, CamelPhat will soak the water stage from 4-5:30 PM. Thier latest hit “Cola” with Elderbrook and past gems like “Constellations” are sure to have you drifting like wood in water. From 5:30-7 PM, Catz ‘n Dogzand their old school vibe will take over the water stage. House music is being done right with a lineup like this. Closing the aqueous space will be Kerri Chandler. A house music originator who commands the DJ booth with his skillful and soulful authority. Be prepared to cheer and get with the get down as you frolic to Kerri’s addicting beats.

Air Stage


The Air Stage has artists hailing from the zero agency. An up-and-coming DJ named “Stephanie Roxanne Blanding” is making her grand entrance as the opening act at Elements Fests. Stephanie is very underrated, as her voice resembles the late Amy Whinehouse. When she sings, you’ll fall into a trance. Ending the first night of Elements Festival is the upbeat “Damian Lazarus”. Damian Lazarus is one of the better-known DJs from the Zero Agency with over 87 thousand followers on SoundCloud. Get ready to be enchanted as his songs are more upbeat and happy. You’ll be dancing to the music in your seat, making for an amazing way to end the night.



Sunday starts out with house DJ “Option 4”. Option 4  has a variety of different genres that he plays. He can go from house music to techno in the matter of a second. He will definitely be making us feel alive. Swiss native “Nora En Pure” will be closing out as the last act of the Air stage on Sunday night. Nora is a deep house producer/DJ, who can use different beats to make amazing songs.


Fire Stage


Opening for the Fire stage on Saturday is Brooklyn’s very own “Matt Sebastian”. Matt is a DJ and producer, who is very underrated. The Brooklyn native has similarities to Sango and Sampha. The duo “Tennyson” will be closing out the night. The duo has been featured on Majestic Casual numerous times from remixing songs to producing their own songs.



Leading us into some of the last performances of the ‘Fire’ stage is “Luminate”. Luminate, who has little social media presence, gets a lot of views on his songs by using real instruments rather than all computer. The drums, violin and other instruments combined create this amazing sound that sounds like a harmony. With only five songs on SoundCloud, he has over 450 views in total. Luminate is going to burn the house down on Sunday afternoon. Brodinski is performing next, who has a lot of trap influenced in his music. He has worked with multiple rappers for his EP called “Brain Disorder”, and it has definitely made him more popular.

One EDM Elements Playlist

The Fifth Element


This is the last stage of Elements, and it’s bittersweet. Starting out the show on Saturday is Jackal Jyve, who is from NJ. Jyve’s sole purpose is to make people dance to his music. Jyve has left his mark at the late Mysteryland Festival in Bethel, NY. Following his groovy act is Queens native, Pablo Romero. Pablo has played at TBA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



Robbie Lumpkin has the exciting opportunity to be the first performer of the day. The self-taught DJ has made his way to the big leagues. His house-techno music and his dancing skills have put him on the map to be one of New York’s best DJ’s.

As the end of Elements comes quicker than we had hoped for, we will still have artists to uplift our spirits. Gab Rhome who plays house and techno music, was raised listening to music, so it’s only fitting that he closes out the stage. With his dynamic range in vocals and beats, his music will have you feeling nostalgic.



Food lineup

Elements proudly present the awesome food vendors who will be satisfying your taste buds, quenching your thirst’s, and feeding your hungry souls. Bare Burger, serving organic and locally grown products is a sure thing for you hearty yet healthy eaters. Meatoss Truckfood porn on wheels need we say more? Los Viajeros, the Latin fusion food truck of NYC bringing good food with flavor. Coexist Kitchen, the cooking company of the community. As well as Jamaica Choice Carribean Cusine, Lukes Lobster and of course slushie treats.


The Healing Garden, a slowed down sanctuary for your calming and zen needs. It will have many wonderful warm and fuzzies for your elemental spirit: from hip-hop yoga to tantric massage, to double staff flow arts workshop. The events are plentiful and diversified, Tea and Cuddle and Lounge from 10-12 PM will be offered so all you paramours better not miss it. This year, the beauty herself Heavy Meta makes its first East Coast appearance as a 20′ high, 30′ long fire-breathing steel dragon. Also incorporated in the midst of this jolt sensing festivity, the awe of fire tricks, performers, interactive art, and painting.


After Parties

Saturday, August 12: The Knocks (DJ Set) at Schimanski

Sunday, August 13: Secret Headliner at House of YES




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