Elements Music & Arts Festival’s Meadow of Lost Souls

Meadow of Lost Souls will take place on Halloween weekend in the Meadowlands

Halloween Weekend 2020

Elements Warehouse of Horrors 2019 Recap

Have no fear (unless you’re scared of ghouls and technicolor ghosts), Elements Music & Arts Festival’s Meadow of Lost Souls is here.

The Five Boroughs’ famous Elements Music & Arts Festival is bringing their Halloween Spectacular back to NYC, October 30-31, 2020. Well actually, just across the Hudson River in the great state of New Jersey.

Meadow of Lost Souls is an exciting Halloween festival

Instead of the usual (awesome and spooky) warehouse environment this year’s Elements Halloween event will take place in the airy and open Meadowlands. Right next to Metlife Stadium, the previous sight of EDC NY 2012 & 2015. It’s been quite a while since the area has been blessed with an electronic music event of such caliber.

This years event dubbed “The Meadow of Lost Souls”, will take place over two days. Friday night, fans will be blessed with the headlining and blissful beats of Bedouin. Saturday will be broken into two sessions. Session 1 during the day featuring the turn up with Boombox Cartel and, Session 2 in the evening starring Walker & Royce, Wax Motif, VNSSA, and Brooklyn’s own The Golden Pony.

Lineup, very attractive. Pandemic? We get it and, so does Elements.

One might think going to a music festival during a pandemic would be scary. To ease the angst, Elements has teamed up with Test Contained Retreats (TCR). From the previous success at their beloved and adapted summer, rest assured, Elements will be keeping you safe at the event.

How to enjoy Meadow of Lost Souls during a pandemic

From the Elements website

“After two successful ‘In My Elements’ retreats, we are excited to bring the Tested Contained Retreats (TCR) covid testing protocol and active safety measures to the ‘Meadow of Lost Souls’. The event will be kept at a limited capacity due to NJ outdoor gathering limits of 500. Testing is covered with and without insurance via our preferred testing providers

Part 1: The week leading up to the retreat, guests will take a test at one of our certified testing locations in multiple cities. Results will be reported prior to the retreat. Although testing kits may vary depending on your location, our preferred test is the Mako Medical TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Assay with 100% PPA and 100% NPA. At home mail-in tests are available as an add-on to your ticket for an additional fee.

Part 2: When guests arrive on site they will take an active COVID-19 rapid test. Results will be received in about 30 minutes and guests will be directed into the event grounds. This test will be a Sofia 2 SARS Antigen FIA with 96.7% PPA and 100% NPA sensitivity, manufactured by Quidel”.

However, they can’t make any promises about the ghost, ghouls, zombies, or potential skeletons that you may come across.

As always, its on you to keep you safe at the party. So party responsibly, keep your magic wand or foam sword handy, wash your hands, and get what’s left of the tickets to Meadow of Lost Souls while you can.

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