Event Review: The Global Journey DJ Battle

Wednesday, July 12, 2017, presented by Brussels Airlines, Tribeca’s posh nightclub HAUS, housed the first annual Global Journey DJ Battle. A trip to Belgium to not only attend Tomorrowland 2017 but to play a live set on the Brussels Airlines stand at Tomorrowland was the winning prize on this NYC hump day nightfall.

Four DJs with a thirty minute set each and a thirst for the gold came and “slayed”. Four contestants, two winners, and one unforgettable prize that each and every one of these talented DJs all deserves.

Competing DJs included Mike Saint Jules, Sheni Doko, Damian Anthony, and Fatum. Tomorrowland is one of the most immense and Mondo festivals on the face of the earth.  A festival that has entertained, influenced and united many. To be a chosen artist that will be given the opportunity of a lifetime has to be a deeply humbling experience. OnedEDM had the luck of making it to this EDM festival lift off and enjoyed every part of it.

Photo Credit: Inna Shnayder

It was about 8:45 PM when the competition started. Beaming across the clubs big screen, Tomorrowland’s video promo begins. The stage in front, industry expert judges to the right and the Brussels Airlines photo booth to the left. Editor-in-chief of DJ Times Magazine, Jim Tremayne, and Dope Wax Records’ Joe Berinato were among the judges that evening.

Along with judges votes, audience participation and cheers “counted” too. Half of the score was the judge’s input and half of the score was the audience. Kicking it off was the man himself, Mr. Mike Saint Jules, the New York veteran trance DJ. And to no surprise, he was dropping the trance thunder. Throwing tracks like the Weekend Players “Into the Sun”, “Miura” by Nitrous Oxide and launching into the extended mix of his very own “The Launch”. Mike had everyone’s glow sticks in the air and their cheers above them.

Amongst the features, stood a Brussels Airlines Photobooth that offered 20% of your next Brussels Airlines flight and The Belgian Boys’ (co organizer with HAUS and “The Sugary Man”) free tattoo giveaway station with free goodie bags filled with treats and sweets. At one point, voices are heard chanting Mike Saint Jules! Mike Saint Jules! at the close of his hand in for the competition. Mike’s noticeable mastery is reliable and always entertaining.

Photo Credit: Inna Shnayder

9:25 and Sheni Doko takes his turn, a black screen with Sheni Doko in bold white jumps about the screen. He probably had every bar chick in a Tootoo shakin’ it that night. Dropping the “Slut Drop” by Surecut Kids and Spennda C to loosen his knobs. He has a very big bass and heavy low-end sound that crowd seem to be feeling.

Throwing his hands up he blasts his track “Hands Up”, shelling out his cool kid sound and stirring the crowd. Presently on “Weekend Throw Down with Jagger” DJ Damian Anthony steps up the to the booth and brings his festival sound to this Tribeca night club. The man threw a party and everyone in the house couldn’t deny it. His future house sound and big party drops like Fatman Scoop’s “Faithful” had sweaty office guys pushing their way to the front and raising their drinks in the air. Apart from getting the party

Apart from getting the party started was his tribute to the late Robert Miles was warming and nostalgic. Haus’ roof may not be Damian’s son but he sure did raise it.

Photo Credit: Inna Shnayder

The clock strikes 10:30 PM and the Armada Music Artist Daniel Davis of Fatum makes his mark on the Global Dj Battle stage. His deep dark late night sound sails in and makes a smooth landing. Starting his set with his Tangerine Dream cover of “Love on a real train” as half of Judah, he introduces to the audience and judges the Fatum sound. Dropping trance tracks like “Bird is the word” by Norin & Rad and EDM hits like Axwell λ Ingrosso’s “Thinking about You” Daniel kept the party adrift. Fatum’s big noise makers like “Mandala and “Draco” owned the clubs speakers and the competition.

The night brought on four stellar DJ’s that came with a hunger to deliver and to win.The competition comes to a close and it’s time for the awarding of the winners. Mike Saint Jules, Sheni Doko, Damian Anthony, and Fatum all line up as the evening’s MC, Emily Tan guides the voting process.

The winners are… Damian Anthony and Fatum!

The crowd cheers and the delight across the winner’s face’s sparkle. Just announced, Fatum will be performing weekend #1 at the Brussels Airlines Tomorrowland stage and Damian Anthony will be performing on the same stage weekend #2.

Photo Credit: Inna Shnayder

Towards the closing of the show Brussels North American Director Christophe Allard announces the Brussels Airlines Tomorrowland Gate Parties! On July 19th and 26th Brussels Airlines will welcome over 200 party goers to JFK to start their Global Journey to Tomorrowland. One of the winners of the DJ battle will be performing and festival goers will be receiving one titillating warm up.

This is the first year of these pre festival gate parties and the anticipation in the air is thrilling. The night was a success, a win for Damian Anthony and Fatum, a win for Brussels Airlines and a win for Tomorrowland. Even though MIke Saint Jules nor Sheni Doko weren’t rewarded, in reality, they all left winners. The ones who “lost” or left empty handed really didn’t. The comradery existing due to the Tomorrowland spirit prevailed all, and the Haus audience and staff added to that uplifting and joyous essence. It was a pleasure to be part of something so cool. we would like to thank HAUS, Belgium Boys, “The Sugary MAn”. and Brussels Airlines for presenting The Global Journey DJ Battle 2017.

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