Event Review: Oscar G at OutPut

Williamsburg’s top club OutPut recently housed the house legend of Miami, Oscar G. OneEDM was there to witness, report and share for you all, the story of one hip-shaking sundown. It was my first time seeing Oscar G perform and visiting OutPut, so it was an all around new fresh experience.

Photo courtesy of Output.

An unexpected busy walk from the subway to our destination was the kickoff. Williamsburg’s streets were active and it was as if you didn’t even leave Manhattan. It took me a few blocks to find a quiet spot to have a smoke before reaching OutPut. And, I gotta say, there wasn’t a dull block. If I wasn’t curious enough before, this was doing it. When people aren’t in Manhattan, they are here. The hipster culture, the dining, the art, the music, and the nightlife construct Brooklyn’s favored neighborhood. I’m thinking to myself, what should I expect? A cute party? A disappointing bougie bore? A mix of both? Or a dead wasteland? But it doesn’t matter as I continue on, and on my path, I see establishment after establishment of hip and trendy style.

I arrived at about 4:30 PM for Oscar’s 5 PM start. A corner building within close distance to the water, OutPut woke the butterflies in my stomach and boosted me up. My entrance was a more than fair experience, considering the asshole bouncers you come across in NYC. So far so good. I step foot inside and already thought, this sounds pretty good.

I made my way onto the dance floor and took literally two minutes to adjust my eyes. As my vision cleared, I found a prominent city night club. Mind you, it was early and not many people were dancing but you didn’t need anyone to feel the energy that coats the room. I make a complete lap around the upper level and take a peek down. A nice view of the dance floor, the DJ booth, and the opposite side is your view. I then realized it’s time to take a look at this popular rooftop. I take the “CARPE NOCTEM” stairs to exit onto a bright green bar that’s similar to entering a cafeteria- all eyes on you! So, you know, you gotta suck in the gut, look confident with a flair of “uninterest”, all while trying to walk without tripping (just to look cool). It was chill but there wasn’t any music on. 😡 Thankfully, it didn’t take long to start playing, so I took a spot on the top level to witness the view.

The age bracket varied from the mid-20’s to the late 40’s, fans from the old to the new were dispersed throughout the scene. Oscar’s friends go hard as they begin to show up to party, feeling his mixes throughout their system and letting their limbs do all the talking. A glimpse of Oscar G walking along the side wall gets my dance cells moving. It’s clear to me why it’s known as the prevailing nightclub of Brooklyn when it’s light out, the music hasn’t even warmed up yet and everyone is already amped up. The roof begins to fill up and all sorts of souls start pouring in. If it’s this packed with the shit weather we had, I could only imagine how crazy it gets when it’s clear out. Party goers from all five boroughs, parts of New Jersey and plenty of tourists ventured out to Williamsburg for the Space Miami resident. The crowd was friendly and energetic, but one funny thing I noticed was all the girl’s attention I was receiving. If I were straight, I would’ve been doing pretty well that night.


It’s past 5 PM and the music and vibe began to shift, so we took a walk down the stairs to the DJ booth and saw Oscar spinning. My friend and I grabbed a spot right in front of the booth and stood put. Phone in one hand, bottle of water in the other, and our hearts and ears receptive. “Oscar I LOVE YOU BABY!” roared the girls. Clearly, these women were all about Oscar G and house music.

If anyone is the man at dropping tribal, jungle and Latin influences, it’s Oscar Gaetan. I couldn’t put my phone down, and not because I was fiddling with social media or text messages but because I wanted to record nearly every moment for myself and for my poor dear friend Craig who missed it. When we all can’t experience the love, we have to share it and spread it. The clubbers cheer for classics like Kings of Tomorrow’s “Finally” and more. The first half of his set was heavy on percussion and conga samples. It felt like a Caribbean beach party in Brooklyn, and all I was missing was some nice woman offering to braid my hair while I sip a piña colada. Throwing Robert Civilles powerhouse vocal track “Set me Free” thrilled us even more. A flicking release to the knob and he let go for the beat drops. You can read the expression on Oscar’s face as he works. This man is loving what he’s doing, but also taking care and effort in throwing a good party because being a DJ is his first love.

From moments of a dark and gritty club party to your little god sister’s quinceañera, then back to an 80/90’s hip hop break dance battle, Oscar displays it all (if that isn’t a good mix than what is?).

Even as the rain started to drizzle, Oscar and his party goers danced on. Time went on and at about 8 PM and his set went into a warehouse underground scene affect and you understand why this man was Pacha’s only non-New Yorker monthly based resident. He even busted out some classic salsa legends like Willie Colon for his Latin-loving house mob.

It’s been five years since I have been to a nightclub’s outdoor DJ daytime set. I had a great time and would definitely be back for more Output and more Oscar G. He has impressive accomplishments, awards, chart success, touring and fan/peer recognition: a career any aspiring DJ should take after.

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