Exclusive Mix by DJ/Producer Loch Raven for OneEDM

Bringing Baltimore Beats to OneEDM

OneEDM had closed out the month of May exclusively! We had the pleasure to Instagram Live Stream an exclusive set mixed by Baltimore’s very own Loch Raven. The beat making community activist shows his talent and laid back energy in this calm and cool roof top deck performance. Taking pride in his craft and having gratitude for all he’s experienced, Andrew Mallinoff is the prime example of hard work and humility. In this amazing video shot near Baltimore’s Patterson Park, Loch Raven does what he does best, entertain the people and serve the people.

During a time where the world feels afraid as well as unsure, Loch Raven delivers the antidote. In fact, now more than ever, people need not only an antidote but also a helpful reminder. The reminder that their peace and happiness is here and now if they choose to look for it. This performance offers every viewer the chance to experience that happiness now. All it takes is a shift in perception and perspective to take someone from hell to heaven. With the help of music, that desired transition becomes a reality. Loch Raven offers up the music that helps every listener make that transition. So get ready to vibe out to the perfect set to kick off your summer 2021. Featuring music from artists like Kumarion, CHVRCHES, Big Gigantic, and fellow Baseline artist Rob Love.

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