Flux Pavilion and jPhelpz in Tampa Florida [Event Review]

August 11th, 2017 marked the first time Jphelpz had ever played in Tampa. We got to sit down and talk with the man under the headphones beforehand about his tour so far, style and interests. We found out during the interview that he was actually not touring with Flux, but in fact, was booked specifically by the venue to open for him in Tampa. It must be said that Jphelpz definitely complimented Flux very well, as he played a set of heavy dubstep and bass, with a great mix of cool down periods and interesting transitions, it was designed similar to a Flux set, but in a much different styling. Make sure to check out Jphelpz as he is just starting to blow up with Firepower Records behind him, with other artists like Getter and Datsik on his team. Jphelpz has a lot of upcoming dates, most notably he will be at Lost Lands. This would be a great opportunity to check out this upcoming rising star.

Now when Flux Pavilion did take the stage, the scientist kept the crowd going with his melodic dubstep, catchy vocals and a side of D&B that are legendary to his name. Of course, there are the classics like Bass Cannon and I Can’t stop, but as of recently, The Scientist has been pumping out many new singles like Cut Me Out and Pull the Trigger. These singles have way more vocals and melodies than his prior work. These new songs add a nice change of pace to Flux’s modern sets and encourage even more crowd participation. While Flux is no stranger to Tampa, Florida, the almost sold out crowd came out to party! Everyone loved the chance to witness the scientist perform his magic and the crowd was going wild all night. Make sure to catch him on his current tour, you haven’t seen Flux like this before!


jPhelpz: Soundcloud | Facebook

Flux Pavilion: Soundcloud | Facebook

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