FOOTWORXX 16 Years Event

Come celebrate the label's success in hardcore electronic music

For 16 years strong, the leading record label in hardcore electronic music, FOOTWORXX, commemorates its accomplishments, artists, and fans with a dedicated event. Coming this fall, the FOOTWORXX 16 Years event comes to the La Fabrik Herstal venue in Belgium for one night of partying to the music that made this label a success.

Record label and brand, FOOTWORXX

FOOTWORXX 16 Years event

Get ready for the FOOTWORXX 16 Years event. It is going to be big as ever, most especially, now as this event closes out another decade of memories from the supporting hardcore electronic dance music label. Do not forget to bring the cake.

A festive display of the action at last year’s FOOTWORXX 15 Years event

Event schedule and venue details

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 19, 2019 for the FOOTWORXX 16 Years live music experience of nine hours from the label’s finest performing artists. The hosting venue, La Fabrik Herstal, will keep it guests overnight from 9:00PM to 6:00AM across three different rooms featuring over 40 performing artists.


Tickets. Get them now. Ticket sales have begun. The going rate for a Regular Ticket is € 24.99. That is your ticket the musical performances from the representing FOOTWORXX label artists. Ticket Holders will have the opportunity to hear all the hardcore hammering sounds. So, do not miss out.


Initially, the label gave their event announcement with only a teasing hint at the lineup. Without naming the performing artists, emotions stirred into an exciting anticipation for the final reveal of the mysterious 40 artists FOOTWORXX made prior to the final artist lineup reveal.

FOOTWORXX 16 Years event lineup

With the artists lineup announcement posted as of Monday, August 10, 2019, bright eyed fans can beam at the names of their favorite artists in the list below. Moreover, fans can expect a sound experience of the hard electronic music most representative of the revered FOOTWORXX label.

Lineup Highlights


Sei2ure, is among legendary producing talents in the hardcore styles of electronic music. Bringing on a seizure of sound to rock the senses, there is sufficient evidence to his production talent. Have listen to the latest in the industrious measures that Sei2ure takes to unleash destructive beats, concussive kicks, and stabbing snares in the most dirty and distorted sound designs in his track “Bad Temper”, below.


Deep within the Dutch hardcore scene are devoted producers, that like Sei2ure, pride themselves on their craft of doom, dark, distortion and atonal electronic music. Such, jarring sound designs from the Dutchmen, Sei2ure, have been featured in collaboration with like minded producers such as The Outside Agency, Endymion, and Ophidian. As such, FOOTWORXX 16 YEAR event will import the finest of the producers who mix mayhem into music. So, too, Sei2ure will turn cacophony into a symphony of noise.

DJ and producer, Sei2ure

Footworxx Militant Crew

Footworxx Militant Crew is well, the militant crew of producers devoted to promoting their sound in the name of their home label: FOOTWORXX. So, who is who in this crew? The Footworxx Militant Crew, established by the DJ and producer, Sandy Warez. Check out his collaborative work as part of the Footworxx Militant Crew from the musical act‘s recent track “Crash n Burn” from the playlist below. It is FOOTWORXX style track which is a fine blend of hardcore, hard techno, uptempo, and out-of-the box industrial madness.

Footworxx Militant Crew

The the sonic adventures of the Footworxx Militant Crew are amany. Their performances with FOOTWORXX events are countless. Also, their appearances elsewhere include the stages at Tomorrowland and Harmony of Hardcore. Furthermore, come and find out who they are at the FOOTWORXX 16 YEAR event during their set.

DJ and producing team, Footworxx Militant Crew logo


The musical act, Hatred, is all about Uptempo Hardcore. Hatred is the alias for the DJ and producing duo: Nils Henschel, and Nico Van Der Linden. From the city of Celle, Germany, these artists form a powerful pair in the studio and at the decks. As such, their most recent track, “Genocide”, from the representing label FOOTWORXX is just one example of the menacing vibes signature to their music. Have a listen for yourself, from the playlist below, and be careful, there sound can cause carnage on sensitive sound systems–just play it loud.

“Genocide” by Hatred out now via FOOTWORXX

Among the accomplishments for the musical act named Hatred are a spot in the lineup, of course, having proven their taste in music is match for FOOTWORXX. As such, their touring destinations are all across Europe’s most popular festival grounds, most especially, those for the harder styles in electronic dance music.

Uptempo Hardcore act, Hatred

These include Phoenix Festival and Harmony of Hardcore in the Netherlands, Hard Island Croatia, Ibiza Goes Hard, and repeat appearances at FOOTWORXX label events in Belgium. These guys even landed a spot in the lineup for Q-Dance‘s inaugural edition of IMPAQT 2019 happening in September in their home country of Germany. They go hard at the hardest festivals.


From a catalogue of resident artists producing, performing and releasing for the label, FOOTWORXX has recruitment of hardcore, uptempo, hard techno, and experimental and daring electronic music talents. As such, the this brand has no one generic sound. As a result, FOOTWORXX is an eclectic label that has risen as a haven for all hardcore influenced electronic music. Clearly, this allows for the range in talent, variety of sound, and ability to evolve with the creative edge as a whole.

With podcasts featuring the FOOTWORXX artist mixes, the opportunity to form a community of DJs, listeners, and branding is blossoming. Each podcast, available from the label’s website and via SoundCloud is generously curated and quite loudly since the music playing is meant to be heard. FOOTWORXX is keeping the music coming. Join them on Saturday, October 19, 2019 for their epic event: FOOTWORXX 16 years.

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