Global Dance Festival Arizona: Recap

This past weekend ONEEDM was invited to take part in one of the Phoenix Vally’s hottest summer parties, Global Dance Festival AZ in Chandler Arizona. In four short years, Global Dance Festival AZ has quickly grown a name for itself. With just a single stage, a handful of EDM’s top talent, and some of the countries most dedicated fans; this festival proves to be much more than meets the eye. There’s a reason Relentless Beats has developed a name for itself as one of the top producers of electronic dance music events, and it shines through completely at Global AZ.


Global Dance Festival Arizona
Photo: Angelo Graciano

First off, we have to start by boasting about one of our favorite parts about Relentless Beats itself, the Relentless Rangers. The festivals, Relentless Rangers could be found making sure their fellow festival-goers were well cared for and healthy. They were often found in the middle of the venue snaking through the crowd and spraying everyone with their water bottles to make sure we all stayed cool under the heat of the sun.


Global Dance Festival Arizona EDM Festival
Photo: Angelo Graciano

The lineup for Global Dance Festival Arizona was well curated and diverse. There was truly something to peak every attendee’s interest. Dabin brought along his beautiful and melodic live sound for a simply divine set that definitively proves why he’s one of the hottest up and coming names to watch in EDM. He seems to have the ability to take everyone who listens to his set on a journey to someplace beautiful with his melodic guitar tracks and unique synths.

Global Dance Festival edm festival
Photo: Angelo Graciano

Yellow Claw arrived ready to set fire to the crowd. With an elbow-to-elbow packed dance floor, they gave the crowd a taste of Los Amsterdam that won’t soon be forgotten. By far one of the highlights of the evening was Showtek. One of the most diverse groups in EDM, Showtek brings something for everyone. With a style that has evolved over the past 20 years, the brothers know what it takes to bring a crowd to its knees. and they did just that.


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