Goldrush Music Festival Review

Goldrush Music Festival 2017 Review

Last weekend OneEDM was invited to take part in the inaugural Goldrush Music Festival 2017 in Chandler, Arizona. The event took place in an old-western themed venue, complete with an entire miniature old west town. “The energy and enthusiasm surrounding our first ever Goldrush was on another level and the start of something very special for Arizona,” says Relentless Beats founder Thomas Turner. “You could feel it from the fans to the performers- it was in the air.”. It looks as though Relentless Beats’ Goldrush is the start of something very special and we can’t want to watch it flourish.

Lil Pump @ Goldrush Music Festival Photo by AG Photography
Lil Pump @ Goldrush Music Festival
Photo by AG Photography

Goldrush Music Festival took genres that have always played well with each other and finally brought them together. Each stage featured a distinct lineup and theme. Hip Hop and EDM giants came together on the Golden Gorge. Bass music, Trap-style, and live acts took over the Pioneer Peak. Claud VonStroke and the Dirtybird crew transformed The Hideout into The Birdhouse for day one, and on day two house music reigned supreme. The lineup was masterfully curated, and festival-goers couldn’t have been more excited.

Goldrush Music Festival Main Stage
The Golden Gorge @ Goldrush Music Festival. Photo by Best Kept Moments Photography

The Golden Gorge

The Golden Gorge took the role of the festivals main stage. It featured a fantastic lineup of musical giants. Excision blew the crowd away with his rib-rattling bass and mind-blowing paradox visuals. Rezz manipulated the masses and took us on a journey to outer space with to-die-for weird bass. Dillon Francis rocked the crowd. He had everyone dancing even though his computer updated before his set, causing a hiccup in his opening. He proved what a masterful DJ he is though when he recovered and rocked the rest of his set. The stage itself featured a backdrop of a giant LED screen. It was flank by two others that sat on towers covered from bottom to top in light rigs that produced an insanely beautiful light show.

The Pioneer Peak @ Goldrush Music Festival
The Pioneer Peak @ Goldrush Music Festival
Photo by Best Kept Moments Photography

The Pioneer Peak

The Pioneer Peak was a mountain of bass and extraordinary hip-hop talent. The bevy of talented names from different genres that Relentless Beats assembled on this stage was astounding. A-Trak and Baauer blew the crowd away with an indescribably insane back to back set. Snow Tha Product blew the crowd away with her crazy flows. Alter ego to Claud VonStroke, Barclay Crenshaw took the crowd to outer space and back. He threw what was by far one of the weirdest and most impressive sets of the weekend. The stage was covered in beautiful LED screens, and the artist sat high atop the crowd looking out over it, as the lasers and lights took us all for a ride.

The Hideout @ Goldrush Music Festival Photo by AG Photography
The Hideout @ Goldrush Music Festival
Photo by AG Photography

The Hideout

One of our favorite places to spend time this weekend was The Hideout. Claude VonStroke and the Dirtybird Crew took over for day one with insane house sets that left listeners dancing their heart out in front of the stage that sat on top of an old western wagon. On day two the party just kept on going with amazing sets back to back and capped out with an insane Nicole Moudaber set that left you wanting more.

Goldrush Music Festival Photo by Best Kept Moments Photography
Goldrush Music Festival
Photo by Best Kept Moments Photography

Rawhide Events Center was the best home possible for Goldrush. The Wild West theme of the venue complimented the event perfectly. It took all of the best elements of Rawhide and used them to its advantage. Relentless Beats indeed created an experience that brought you back to the old west, while the music of the future took over on every stage. Patrons could have a beer and then ride on the back a mechanical bull in the Saloon, or find out what it feels like to be locked up in an old west jail cell and have a photo taken. Every performer and every element of this beautiful venue was used to the festivals advantage. It created one of the most significant and most immersive dance music experiences to come to Arizona yet.

Thank You Relentless Rangers

Of course, we have to give a shout out to the Relentless Rangers again. Working tirelessly throughout the weekend, the Rangers made sure that attendees were well hydrated and healthy. Furthermore, at the hottest part of the day, you could find them snaking through the crowds cooling everyone off with spray bottles. This crew is genuinely awe-inspiring. We’re thankful to see them at Relentless Beats events keeping the spirit of PLUR alive.

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