Have You Heard about Float Fest?

Every year music lovers gather from all over to attend the annual EDM event Float Fest. Created by Marcus Federman, this festival is different than others. The reason being attendees can float the Guadalupe river. After the float trip, head over to the venue to get down to the music from amazing artists. Float Fest is held in Gonzalez, TX and this year will be going on from July 19- 22, 2019. For locals, this event is rich in Texas tradition. Have a listen to the Float Fest 2019 playlist and learn more about how you can experience these sounds at the festival below.

About Float Fest

For 2019, Float Fest has brought in some big industry names including Major Lazer, Portugal the Man, Big Gigantic and Kaskade, just to name a few. The festival grounds are smaller in comparison to other events (like Freaky Deaky or Ubbi Dubbi), however, the grounds are laid out for the convenience of the festival attendees. Not only are the festival goers given the option to float the river during the day, but afterwards, the buses will pick them up to go back to the festival grounds for the music festival.

The Camping Experience

Like any normal camping festival, Float Fest offers the usual options when it comes to different ways to camp. Festival attendees have the options to either tent, car or RV camp.

Tent and Car Camping

Car and tent only camping for Float Fest are the traditional options. For car camping attendees will get a 20×20 spot. For those interested in tent only camping, they will get a 10×20 spot. There is not electricity hook-ups offered for those in the tent campsites. Camping tickets for this event are also relatively inexpensive, at $15-$25 per campsite.

RV Camping and Day Parking

For those attendees that want to camp in a little more comfort, Float Fest also offers RV camping. The festival also offers options with or without power hook-ups at $600 or $300 respectively. Float Fest also offers attendees the option to park during the day and leave at night. Tickets for day parking is $20.

For any attendees that will be camping, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. All camping is first come, first serve. So do not sleep on heading out to the festival grounds
  2. To have entry to the campgrounds everyone must have a wristband
  3. Attendees are able to leave the ranch throughout the day and return in their cars. If leaving, be aware attendees will have go through all of the cues again
  4. The Ranch is provided 24-hour security throughout the campgrounds and the gate to the Ranch is locked one hour
  5. Attendees are not allowed to bring fireworks, or start campfires in the campsites

How to Float the River

Each day, Float Fest has rounds that it will make to the festival grounds to pick up attendees that are interested in going floating. “Load ups” happen on Friday through Sunday starting at 8:00 AM and go until Midnight. At this time attendees will be shuttled over to the mouth of the river. There will be someone checking for “float wristbands” and for their festival wristbands. Those who show up without a festival wristband will not be permitted to float the river.

Tubing passes are as follows: $50 for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and individual day tubing is $20 per day. Attendees will not be permitted to bring their own personal water craft but are encouraged to bring their own tubes. Compressors will be onsite to pump them up. A cooler tube is also encourage for attendees that would like to bring some beverages out onto the water with them. Although personal items are not encouraged, there are water resistant bags offered at the General Store (see below for full list of general store items) for personal items. Consider reading the festival essentials checklist to prepare for Float Fest, too. It is common to see attendees listening to music floating the river.

Be Green

Something exceptionally noticeable about this festival is that they are determined to keep the grounds clean. Not only are attendees encouraged to bring their own trash bags, but the venue will also be making consistent trash rounds every day of the event. For festival-goers that smoke, it is encouraged to also throw away any cigarette butts in the trash versus on the ground.

Additional Amenities

Outside of just offering attendees the option to listen to live to music floating down the river, there is also an onsite Shade and Arcade area. Although attendees have to buy separate tickets to experience this area ($50 for the weekend, $35 for a day), it has some cool options. Tickets grant attendees unlimited access to over 30 games, comfy lounge furniture, a bar, A/C as well as a DJ. Interested in knowing more? Head over here to see what games Float Fest offers. The festival also offers attendees lockers to utilize. Cost is $15 for a single day, $40 for the whole weekend. Inside the lockers there is also unlimited charging.

Float Fest: the place to be

Overall, Float Fest offers festival attendees a different experience than the normal music festival. Located down in Texas, not far from San Antonio and San San Marcos, traditions such as live music and having a good time are important. This festival offers not only access to the river and camping, but also the chance to see some of fan-favorite artists. What are you waiting for? Go celebrate a festival rich in tradition, live music and great friends.

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