Hippie Sabotage + Daisy Guttridge at The Regency Ballroom

Hippie Sabotage and Daisy Guttridge's performances at The Regency Ballroom on January 8, 2022 was the first tour stop of the Rooms of Hallucination Tour.

Hippie Sabotage is one of EDM’s fastest-growing duos in the world. The duo from Sacramento skillfully blend their innovative music production expertise, particularly their talents with the guitar and on the decks, and their powerful vocal sounds. Their music can inspire fans to take all the time to themselves and also allow them to freely “turn up” whenever they want. Hippie Sabotage, alongside the omni-talented rising artist Daisy Guttridge, brought back that laidback, pumped-up musical style of theirs to live audiences as they kicked off their 2022 tour titled, “Rooms of Hallucination. The first stop of “Rooms of Hallucination” that Hippie Sabotage and Daisy Guttridge performed at was The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. Here is a review of Hippie Sabotage and Daisy Guttridge’s awesome performances at The Regency Ballroom on Jan. 8, 2022. Also, check out this review of Hippie Sabotage’s last SF tour stop before the pandemic.

Hippie Sabotage The Regency Ballroom Rooms of Hallucination
Photo Credit: Hippie Sabotage / Twitter

Hippie Sabotage and Daisy Guttridge kicked off 2022 with a bang

To kick off, Daisy Guttridge got on stage and showed everyone why she is one of EDM’s rising star vocalists. Coming from Birmingham, England and now residing in Los Angeles, she became a talent to notice after starting in Vicetone’s successful 2019 single, “Waiting”. Since then, she has starred alongside other artists like Tommy Trash, Niko The Kid, and of course, Hippie Sabotage themselves. She last toured with Hippie Sabotage in early 2020 on their “Direction of Dreams” tour and before the “Rooms of Hallucination” tour, she recently released her latest single, “i found u“, which is also a song on her upcoming EP, The Highs, as well.

As she got on stage at The Regency Ballroom, all the fans exclaimed in joyful fervor. Aside from “i found u”, she also sang upbeat tracks from The Highs EP. The songs gave the fans a sneak peek of what to hear on their personal time. She also sang “Secrets” and “hiiigh”, her collaborative singles from Niko the Kid and Tommy Trash respectively. Daisy Guttridge ensured that her fans enjoyed a fantastic time inside The Regency Ballroom with her upbeat vocals. Afterwards, she led way for Hippie Sabotage to arrive on stage and conduct a “fire” performance that showed why they are one of EDM’s most-exciting duos right now.

The Regency Ballroom Daisy Guttridge
Photo Credit: @Visualsbymike

“Rooms of Hallucination” Tour got underway

As soon as Hippie Sabotage arrived, the music started blasting and the fans started jumping. Their first track of the show, “I Don’t Give A F*ck”, got everyone hyped and the environment looked like it was going to have a mosh-pit. Throughout their whole set, Hippie Sabotage played smash hits from their discography, particularly from their debut album in 2020, Red Moon Rising, and their latest album they released last fall, Floating Palace. Even their most-popular tracks such as “Devil Eyes” and their remix of “Habits (Stay High)” still pumped up the crowd just like at past tours.

The set from Hippie Sabotage, from start to finish, was a colorful blend of euphoria and tranquility. Each track the duo played on that night showed that they continue to be the diverse, innovative musicians that they are. Hippie Sabotage, alongside Daisy Guttridge, have come a long way in the past few years from being up-and-comers. In a few years, one might see them headline more major festivals. Who knows, maybe headlining Ultra Music Festival, EDC, or even Tomorrowland.

Daisy Guttridge The Regency Ballroom
Photo Credit: @Visualsbymike

The tour is still ongoing

The tour is still going on strong. Just last night, Hippie Sabotage and Daisy Guttridge performed at The Wilma Theatre in Missoula, MT. Tomorrow evening, they will head Revolution Event Center in Boise, ID. Before they went to their Midwest locations (and aside from their first tour stop in San Francisco), the trio toured Santa Ana and San Diego twice respectively, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle twice, and Spokane. Then, they arrived to their first Midwest tour stop, The Elm in Bozeman, MT, on January 25. After the Boise tour stop, they will then arrive in Salt Lake City to perform at Union on January 29. Here is the whole list of Hippie Sabotage and Daisy Guttridge’s tour stops.

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