How to Travel to Bonnaroo 2020 Like a Pro

Bonnaroo 2020 has officially SOLD OUT its tickets. That means two things: it is officially time to start planning outfits, travel plans—the works, and it is going to be crowded. Of all of these tasks, however, actually getting to The Farm successfully trumps all. Learn all the details you need to know about traveling to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival.

Driving to Bonnaroo 2020

This is one of the most popular options for Bonnaroovians. Most people will drive-in, either in their cars, RVs, uHauls, etc. There are tons of perks to camping on The Farm, primarily that there are good vibes 24/4 and music, the whole time, to boot. However, there are certain things to know when it comes to camping at Bonnaroo. Once everyone has organized travel plans, then it is time to think about and listen to great music under the Tennessee sun at Great Stage Park. Before people can think about listening to artists at Bonnaroo such as Tame Impala, Tool and Lizzo, here are some travel tips.

Travel Do’s
  • Designate a place about 30 minutes — 1 hour away to stop, re-arrange the car and goods to ensure a quick and easy car check (coolers accessible, glass is thrown out, etc.). This is also a good time for groups to meet up.
  • Ensure that everyone that wants to camp together gets in line together and stays together. If the group comes to an intersection or break in traffic, make sure that whatever car is leading the group, tells the officer/person controlling flow that there are “X” number of cars in the group to ensure everyone stays together.
  • However, prepare to wait it out. Unless planning to camp out at the entrances, there will likely be at least some wait. For 2020 (thank the Bonnaroo gods) they have added a second entrance so hopefully this year, it will not be so long.
  • The campgrounds fill from front to back, so the earlier attendees arrive, the closer to the entrance they will be. No more guessing and praying that one does not get stuck in one of the far pods. 
  • Once at the turn styles (aka: the gates to the festival) be prepared for security checks. Worry not, we’ve planned for this. Be PLUR, cars are being checked by fellow festival-goers and this is the last step in your travel to Bonnaroo 2020 plans.
  • Make sure to pack snacks and accessible toilet paper for the wait in the car.
  • Also make sure to check out the site accommodations and tickets before planning to travel.
Travel Do Nots
  • Do not cut off fellow festival attendees in line.
  • Avoid taking back roads unless being directed there by Bonnaroo security. There are a lot of random roads that lead to… well… nowhere.
  • Do not expect to be able to ‘save’ camping spaces once you’re inside the grounds- the Bonna-crews are on their shit when it comes to filling the grounds. This ain’t their first rodeo and they’ll close any gaps that arise.

Groop Organization

Concurrently, outside of just organizing oneself, most people tend to run in groups. This means that you have several cars that are trying to coordinate together. The good news? It’s easier than one might think. With some key tools/applications, as well as a little forethought, planning to organize the group and travel to Bonnaroo 2020 will be easier than ever.

travel to bonnaroo 2020
Organizing the Groop
  • When it comes to getting everyone ‘together’ it is recommend to utilize GroupMe. Outside of several other great reasons, this application allows users to add as many people as needed and create moderators/admins. It is possible to add 150+ people to one Group. There is a share-able link feature.
  • If camping in GA, cars need to meet up with their groups before getting in line. You cannot save spots.
  • For those Groop Camping, they are able to show up whenever which is great but make sure to plan out how the groop wants to organize the campsite (cars around the outside tents in the middle, cars on one end tents on the other, etc.) so there is a plan as people arrived staggered
  • Groop Camping, unlike GA, has assigned spots for each Groop; be aware of which number group to look for


If driving is not an option, or if flying in from out-of-state, there are alternative ways to get to The Farm. Bonnaroo offers several different shuttle options that allow attendees to craft their experience to their preference.

Airport Shuttles– These will pick you up and drop you off from the Nashville Airport (BNA).

Shuttles + Tickets– we talk more in-depth about this option here, but essentially these will bring you to the farm and back from Nashville every day of the festival (GA & VIP options available).

travel to bonnaroo 2020
travel to bonnaroo
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