Party Hard at Ibiza Goes Hard 2018

Ibiza Goes Hard 2018

Ibiza Goes Hard 2018 returns to the island of Ibiza for its seventh edition. The five-day event hosts eight parties from Thursday, June 28, 2018 – Monday, July 2, 2018. Parties will take place at a variety of venues across the island of Ibiza from clubs to the bars, at the beach, and aboard the boats around the island. Featuring the harder styles in EDM, Ibiza Goes Hard will keep the parties going with dance floor-destroying sounds of Hardcore, Uptempo, Industrial, and Frenchcore.

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Better yet, the lineups are complete with headliners from the most talented names in hard EDM. This is a sure promise that Ibiza Goes Hard will live up to the island’s reputation of hosting the best EDM parties in the world. So go hard in Ibiza this summer at your choice of parties from the lists below, and claim your tickets at the event webpage of Ibiza Goes Hard 2018.

Photos from Ibiza Goes Hard’s website.

1. Welcome Drinks at Flaherty’s Irish Bar

Thursday, June 28, 2018-Afternoon

  • 14:00-19:00
  • Avinguda del Doctor Fleming, 3 in San Antonio, Ibiza

2. Es Paradis: Opening Party

Thursday, June 28, 2018-Night

  • 21:00-6:00
  • Es Paradis, Super Club in San Antonio, Ibiza

3. Ravezone X-Factor Abandoned Zoo Party

Friday, June 29, 2018

  • 19:00-03:00
  • Benimussa Park in San Antonio, Ibiza

4. Footworxx Day Time Water Party

Saturday, June 30, 2018

  • 13:00-22:00
  • Es Paradis, Super Club in San Antonio, Ibiza

5. Darkside Day Time Big Bossa Boat Party

Sunday, July 1, 2018-Afternoon

  • 13:00-17:00
  • Playa d’En Bossa, in San Antonio, Ibiza

6. Ibiza Goes Hard Sunday Sesh

Sunday, July 1, 2018-Night

  • 21:00-03:00
  • LYT Club, West End in San Antonio, Ibiza

7. Partyraiser and Friends Sunset Boat Party

Monday, July 2, 2018-Evening

  • 18:00-21:00
  • Sant Antoni de Portmany in San Antonio, Ibiza

8. Ibiza Goes Hard Closing Party

Monday, July 2, 2018-Night

  • 22:00-06:00
  • Eden, Main Room in San Antonio, Ibiza

Audiences Impressed

Facebook followers on the Ibiza Goes Hard 2018 website shared their approval of lineup announcements.  Eighteen followers responded with “Likes,” while two exclaimed in joy to the post announcing the combined set of Lady Dammage vs. F.Noize. Admiringly, the dynamics of two artists behind the decks makes for a unique blend of mixing styles. The anticipation of the resulting sound at their set is exciting.

Ibiza Goes Hard

Notable Artists

Big Names

The DJ Producer

Big in the United Kingdom, The DJ Producer blends underground sounds with Industrial and Drum n’ Bass styles. Also, fans know him from performances as far back as Qore 3.0 2012, and Kabaal Digitaal 2012.  With releases on multiple labels, such as Deathchant, and The Third Movement, he will undoubtedly be promoting the hard sounds fans crave at Ibiza Goes Hard 2018.

DJ Mad Dog

Since the beginnings of the early hardstyle sound in the 2000s, DJ Mad Dog put forth the evolution of the style into a breed of Hardcore all his own. From 150 BPMs of punishing kicks, DJ Mad Dog will be a sure not-to-miss. A known performer at Q-Base, he is also a regular in the studio with releases on Traxtorm Records. This talent will continue to deliver to audiences hardcore.


Longtime artist known to raise the party with his uptempo beats, Partyraiser is a legend in hard dance music. Performing at Defqon.1 is to say that he has the stamina and power to rock the dance floor through multi-day events. Partyraiser will definitely go hard.

Up and Coming Talent


New to the hard dance world is the Italian duo known as Clockartz. Bringing raw Hardstyle from Italy abroad has made them regulars at Q-Dance productions such as Qapital 2017, and Q-Base 2017. Furthermore, these guys know how to work a large audience and are bound to do the same for fans at Ibiza Goes Hard 2018.


New talent brings new music to the genre of Frenchcore. Watch this artist and witness the growth of a new name destined to be among the biggest names in EDM. With releases on Peacock Records, Sefa is already catching the ears of the big names in Frenchcore, such as the label’s founder and prince of Frenchcore, Dr. Peacock.


Go hard with Penta’s Industrial Hardcore sound. A thoroughbred DJ and producer starting his hard and heavy lifestyle of studio time and touring since 2015, Penta is taking hard dance to the next level. Impressive as this sounds, his music brings in the rough qualities with intense talent. Also, he has releases on The Third Movement and has performed at events including Defqon.1, Decibel, Q-Base, Ground Zero, and Hardshock.

About Ibiza Goes Hard

Twelve years ago, in 2006, the friendship of hard dance music lovers brought the inspiration to party together on the island of Ibiza. Due to the hard dance central to the parties, it seems like this meant answering a higher call providing the best hard dance parties in Ibiza. By 2012, the concept Ibiza Goes Hard came into effect and has successfully held the best of hard dance events in Ibiza.

Most noteworthy are the friends that inspired Ibiza Goes Hard. Consequently, their pride for the music caught the attention of other organizations responsible for its success. Twisted Events is now leading Ibiza Goes Hard. As a result, this makes for a Hardcore family that is devoted to bringing the best hard dance events to the world.

Prepare for Ibiza Goes Hard 2018

The event takes place in the lively neighborhood of San Antonio, Ibiza, home to budget-friendly accommodations to 5-star luxury hotels and villas fit for large groups.

Ticketholders, hang onto them tight. Be sure to check the event and venue privileges, such as those regarding re-entry, age restrictions, and rules for handling personal belongings.

Pace yourself. Partying is a strenuous activity and much of the energy the body needs is quickly used. Therefore, proper replenishment of energy is paramount. Re-hydrate with electrolyte water.

Safety first. Protect your skin from the intense Mediterranean sun with sunscreen. Prevent damage to your hearing with the use of earplugs. Hard Dance music is especially loud. Also, the close proximity of these small venues puts guests up close and personal with the speakers.

Purchase tickets from the tickets page at the Ibiza Goes Hard 2018 website. Know where the party is with the handy map showing the stages and transportation routes when navigating your way through San Antonio, Ibiza.

Ibiza Goes Hard

Connect With Ibiza Goes Hard

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