Imagine Music Festival: What to Expect for 2019

Imagine yourself running through rows of tents, hand-in-hand with your best friend. It is a beautiful summer day and you can hear the low drumming of music off in the distance. You are excited. The campsite is set up. Everyone made it safe and sound. Your outfit is on point. Now, the only question left stirring is, what do you explore first? 

Imagine Music Festival invites attendees on a deep water adventure to explore what lies beneath the ocean’s surface. After a record-breaking 30,000 attendees last year, this three-day festival is back with a whole new theme, new workshops, and an incredible lineup of artists that are sure to delight any music lover. The event is set to take place on September 20-22, 2019 in Atlanta, GA. As they celebrate their 5th anniversary, there are plans to elevate their festival in every aspect. Imagine Music Festival transforms the Atlanta Motor Speedway into an aquatic fairytale with new acts and art installations that will blow your mind. For a look at last year’s festivities, check out the 2018 Aftermovie just recently released.

Imagine Music Festival 2019: What to Expect

In general, expect to see an expansion of the ocean theme. Imagine plans to transform the Atlanta Motor Speedway into the mysterious lost city of ‘Imaginarium’, where attendees will have the opportunity to experience many aspects of this lost civilization. The expansion comes with year’s theme, an “Aquatic Fairytale.” This theme, inspired by Seven Lion‘s track “Ocean,” details the wonder and curiosity of the ocean.

This year we wanted to tell a new story. We were inspired to think about what [secrets] lie deep at the bottom of the ocean and the world of treasures that can be found there.

Glen and Madeleine Goodhand

As a result, everything from the circus acts to the art installations will be engineered to enhance the senses and engage Imagine attendees to explore their curiosities.

Imagine Music Festival
Credit: One EDM

Lineup, Stages, and Ways to Boogie

Featuring four main stages, the event’s immersive aquatic fairytale will come to life this September with opportunities to listen to some of the biggest DJs in the EDM industry. They just announced their Phase 1 lineup with some fantastic talent. Artists like Armin Van Buuren and GRiZ will play, with some returning artists like Bear Grillz and Adventure Club. Consequently, this is just the beginning, as Imagine plans to announce over 40 additional artists throughout the next few months.

Imagine Music Festival 2019
Credit: Imagine Festival

Classes, Workshops, Fitness, and Health

This festival will offer attendees the opportunity to experience a variety of workshops surrounding the mind, body, and soul. In essence, classes offered will surround wisdom transmissions, ancient mystery sharing, ceremony, and practical applications of earth and water-based concepts. Fitness will be a big part of the Imaginarium culture with yoga and fitness classes offered by experienced instructors from around the globe.

Detox and revitalize the mind after partying the night away with their Detox|Retox classes offered by local Atlanta instructors. In a similar fashion, Imagine will offer a schedule of field games and activities throughout the weekend to keep the body and mind active.

Credit: Imagine Website

Something to Explore

Indeed, this will be a weekend to remember. Together, with the transformational workshops, Imagine Music Festival is planning several unique areas for festival-goers to check out while exploring the festival grounds. It will include visual spectacles, cirque acts, and performances featuring aerial acrobatics and aquatic characters. Additionally, there will be mindfulness and permaculture areas, teaching people about what it means to find alignment.

Feeling creative? Check out the art space where attendees can collaborate and add their own designs to wonderful works of art. If you like flow toys, check out the flow art areas, where attendees can connect and learn some new skills. Feeling hot after a day of activities? Never fear, the splash pool will be back this year and better than ever with large floaties, interactive art, and VIP cabanas. If you are a party animal and just can not sleep, Imagine Music Festival will also be offering a silent disco afterparty at the Campgrounds.

Credit: Imagine Website
Credit: Imagine Website

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