Imagine Festival 2019 Announces Full Lineup And Big News


With a mere two months to-go until anxious fans are thriving at their aquatic fairytale, Imagine Festival 2019 finally announced the full lineup and big news regarding the impending experience. The festival takes place at Atlanta Motor Speedway throughout September 19-22, 2019. Interested festival goers can buy passes here and here is the information from the curators. It is one of the most exciting EDM festivals in the United States.

Imagine Festival

Fourth Day

Thursday has officially been declared as an additional day of music at Imagine Festival 2019. To all of those fans who purchased three-day GA tickets, congratulations are in order because this early arrival will be free. This holds true for anyone who buys tickets before August 15, 2019. So, do not miss this awesome deal.

Performances on Thursday will occur under full programming at the Disco Inferno stage. Furthermore, be aware that this addition does not include early-arrival camping. Therefore if festival-goers plan to attend the extra day, accommodation must be accounted for separately. Those who have already purchased a camping pass may add-on this new day here.

New Stage – TechYes/Guerrilla 360

At Imagine Festival 2019, there is a brand new stage and it adds even more diversity to the already complex combination of talents. It is going to be deep. Like Mariana trench deep. Get ready to feel the pressure.

Imagine new stage lineup
Lineup TechYes/Guerrilla 360 Stage

Vegas-Style Pool Party

Imagine is proud to be hosting what they refer to as a Vegas-style pool party on Saturday during the festival. Uniquely, this event will be included with purchase of a VIP ticket, and is available to buy separately through the website.


The lineup this year at Imagine is exceptional, to say the least. The daily schedules have yet to be released, however, attendees can begin to plan out the journey ahead with this stage breakdown. Also, be sure to check out the highlighted artists as we expect some great performances.

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Imagine final lineup
Imagine Festival Full Lineup Release

Oceania Stage

Behold, the main stage of Imagine Festival 2019, encompassing the vast horizons along the seven seas. Here, headliners come to blow the minds of audiences, but they are not alone here. This stage will showcase others of the biggest artists in EDM.


This man is a superstar in the music industry. He is behind the Mad Decent project. Half of the famous duo known as Major Lazer. He continues to bring us new tastes and trends that are anything but generic. A recent development in his career is the creation of a side project called LSD. It is a collaboration with Labrinth and Sia that has already seen hits including “Audio” and “Thunderclouds.”

Alison Wonderland

When we think about rising stars, Alison Wonderland is at the top of the list. In just a few years she has risen to the top and is going strong. She just completed a tour with Dillon Francis. Also, she has a long list of appearances. These include two sold-out shows at Red Rocks. This artist has taken her place amongst the mainstream heavyweights.

Seven Lions

Jeff Montalvo, a.k.a. Seven Lions, may be the king of successfully melding together different genres of electronic music. He has a loyal following and support from the pop, trance, and dubstep communities. His hit song “Island” featuring Nevve is a staple on everyone’s playlist. In fact, missing his set on Sunday would be a real shame.

Amazonia Stage

The Amazonia stage is where festival-goers will go to get weird. Audiences will feel like they are wandering through the jungle. Blasted with glitchy and wonky sounds that are frighteningly intriguing and mind-altering. Expect to see some wild performances from the likes of:

G Jones

A meteoric rise has been in motion and the music of G Jones is known throughout the industry. He is original and albeit magical. When it comes to pure creation, with Ableton as his hammer, this artist can produce sounds that make you look inwards and upwards. Fall into another dimension at his set this year at Imagine.


It is hard to describe the type of experience that this experimental genius brings to the stage. Thriftworks is an undeniable artist when it comes to the manipulation of sounds. He creates an addiction experience that will have audience members coming back for more.


Many have followed the progression of Dave Tipper through the years in awe. From his old-school glitch-hop that induces insanity to the new-age downtempo sound putting listeners in a dream-like state.

Prepare for madness at the Tipper Takeover on Sunday. With performances by Jade Cicada, who threw down an out-of-this-world set at Bonnaroo, and Detox Unit we expect this to be a highlight of the weekend.

tipper takeover graphic
Tipper Takeover At Amazonia

Disco Inferno

We expect many attendees will spend a lot of their time raging at the Disco Inferno. This stage has a mix of genres from various big-name house DJs to some of the hardest dubstep producers in the game. This stage is going to feed eardrums from all walks of EDM fandom. Furthermore, we can not wait to see just how deep these artists bring us down into the fiery inferno.

Space Jesus

Part of the ‘space bass’ movement, this producer envelops his audiences every show with high energy and wonky sounds. He always takes listeners directly to outer space. He performs under Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label, alongside other sound aficionados. When an artist has a following as loyal as this man, we know the Imagine set will draw a crowd.

Anna Lunoe

From Sydney, Australia this DJ and producer has established herself in the House scene. Dedicated to her craft, Anna Lunoe continued to produce and performs throughout her pregnancy in 2017. Asa result, bringing a whole new maternal energy to the stage. She is a total talent. Her new EP “Right Party” is a sign that her set in September is going to be filled with bangers.


To add another layer of flames to the inferno, find Subtronics and his loyal ‘Cyclops Army’. Together, they will take over this stage, blasting the audience with massive waves of dubstep. He blows listeners away with his huge energy. Furthermore,he is a master at implementing technical chops, and drops.

Anna Lunoe CRSSD Festival

Aeria/Six Feathers Stage

The Aeria stage this year at Imagine presents an interesting lineup that will surely make audiences forget what gravity is and feel as if the sky has lost its limits. Kick-up the BPM and join some of the best in the progressive world above the clouds and get lost in a trance.


Considered a pioneer of the trance music genre, we are stoked to see what this legend will bring to Imagine 2019. BT is a Grammy-nominated composer, and believes that “sound can change the world.” Readers can agree that is both poetic and universally true, and with such a mindset comes a plan to convince those who attend his show of just that.


He brought us the longstanding smash hit “Sandstorm,” and is still performing for the people. His style of mixed trance and house is uplifting and will fit perfectly amongst the rest of the lineup at the stage.

Reid Speed

Get ready to rage with the queen of American Drum & Bass. Her latest release “Gaia” will make you lose yourself on the dance floor and lift your soul to new heights. She was also the host to the Speed of Sound podcast starting in 2015 where she constantly threw down intense drum & bass to engulf her listeners.

BT – Trance Pioneer

TechYes/Guerrilla 360

Techno? Yes. The new stage in town will be taking audiences to unknown places with a mixed lineup of techno and deep house performances. Like the final lineup, Imagine has released the dates for each headliner:

Amine Edge & DANCE

The power duo who won the 2016 DJ Awards in the “Bass” category will make an appearance. Coming from southern France, these artists are all about that heavy bass. They will be a perfect headlining act for Friday night.

Treasure Fingers

This Atlanta-based DJ is going to ride into Imagine Festival and throw down some heavy beats. He just released a huge house remix to “Desired Effect” by Wild Moccasins. It will take your mind off of worldly problems and keep your focus on the music. Be sure to check out his set on Saturday.

Tim Baresko

The Sunday headliner for this stage will be Tim Baresko. He is known for his collaborations with Shiba San on the track “All I Need,” as well as with Clyde P on “Another.” Clyde P the French house DJ will also be performing at Imagine this year. Check back for the final schedule, but we may be seeing these two together on Sunday.

Imagine Festival Full Lineup Trailer 2019

Imagine Festival Experience

This year’s festival is loaded up with activities for guests to partake during their journey through the festival. While the music is the main attraction, do not miss out on all of the amazing experiences to be had away from the stage.

Art Space

Additionally, watch out as you wander the festival grounds for art installations and creations by creative, visionary artists.


Also, the VIP experience at Imagine Festival is certainly one to be desired. It includes access to the pool party, a one-of-a-kind table service, and the. chance. to escape to VIP island at Oceania.

Silent Disco

Right in the campground the party can go all night long with the hugely popular silent disco. Grab those headphones and start dancing because this is going be a major attraction.

Yoga, Fitness, and Wellness Classes

Imagine Festival is offering some awesome opportunities to keep your mind, body, and soul in the right state to fully enjoy the festival. They will include meditation, dance, yoga, and a Wim Hof workshop experience.

wim hof meditates on ice
Breath Like Wim Hof

Transformational Workshops

Follow Imagine on Twitter for updates and schedule releases for these workshops. They are said to include a variety of classes including Flow Arts, Aerial Arts, Yoga, Mastery of Life, Sacred Geometry and more.

2018 Aftermovie

Get excited for the magic that will unfold at Imagine Festival 2019. For more information visit Shown below is the aftermovie of last year’s Imagine.

Imagine Festival 2018 Aftermovie
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