IMPAQT: Q-Dance Announces ‘The Titan Showcase’ Ticket-Holder Exclusive

Ticket-holder exclusives at IMPAQT

The Titan Showcase

‘The Titan Showcase’ is a ticket-holder exclusive for those with the Titan level ticket to the new Q-Dance IMPAQT event. The frenchcore talent, Sefa, is said to perform a special set at ‘The Titan Showcase’ according to the brief announcement posted to the Q-Dance website.


The performance is to take place as part of other plans for this exclusive ticket-holder treat. Furthermore, ‘The Titan Showcase’ entails a VIP-like tour of the festival grounds of IMPAQT culminating in a two hour performance by Sefa and others for two-hours before the scheduled start of the festival. Get inspired to be part of the experience with Sefa with his 2018 release “In De Hemel” below. This track is exemplary of the ecstatic party vibes Sefa masters in his frenchcore productions.

Q-Dance presents IMPAQT

IMPAQT is the new Q-Dance festival concept taking place this September, 07, 2019 at the air-base in Weeze, DE. This will be the first ever edition of IMPAQT as it replaces the former Q-BASE festival which retired after its final edition last September 2018. Also, this successful festival featuring the harder styles in dance music is one of several Q-Dance legacy events. Therefore, IMPAQT is bound to be a great festival.

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Amidst the news of the ‘Titan Showcase’ exclusives are the recent release of the official lineup, and start of ticket sales. Moreover, fans looking to familiarize themselves with the excitement of IMPAQT can read the detail of the complete lineup and plans for stages, here.

Tickets to IMPAQT

These Q-Dance mega-festivals are popular and tickets are few. Therefore, anticipate the sales by acting early. Other events by Q-Dance, such as QLIMAX, have been known to sell out in as few as six-hours after the start of ticket sales. Furthermore, sales have yet to begin, and there are many different ticket options for this new festival.

Payment Options

Q-Dance has a detailed ticket sale page on their website. As such, the payment options, ticket receipt timeline, and ticket options are explained. The following is a quote from their tickets page for IMPAQT.

If you have placed an order, you will not receive your tickets immediately. You will receive an email with a confirmation of your order. On the 7th of June you will receive an e-mail from Paylogic with which you and your friends can personalise and download the tickets.

PLEASE NOTE: The tickets will be sent to the main booker AFTER all tickets have been personalised.


They mention personalized tickets, which are the various ticket types up for purchase to the event, and most especially, the maximum number of ticket types allowed per purchase. Furthermore, these maximums are noted on the event page and re-iterated below for your purchase planning needs.

  • 4 Early Bird tickets per order
  • 9 Entrance tickets per order
  • 4 Titan Tickets per order
  • Maximum total of 9 tickets

Ticket sales for IMPAQT begin, Saturday, May 25, 2019. Purchase here.

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