Insomniac’s Countdown NYE 2017 in California

Countdown NYE 2017

Thousands of smiling and eager bodies descended upon the National Orange Show Events Center for Insomniac’s Countdown New Year’s Eve. Excitement filled the Southern California air as the night owls lined up to see Deadmau5, Diplo, Flosstradamus, GTA, and Jai Wolf all headline the event.

Set at the historic NOS Events Center, the atmosphere was immediately felt upon entering the venue grounds. Attendees were greeted with a picturesque sunset over a lake. As you slowly approached the lake, electronic sounds filled the air causing your heart to race for the excitement and fun that was to come.

Day One

French producers have been pushing a hard-hitting Parisian House sound this past year, and the crowd flooded the dance floor for Mercer’s set at the Resolution stage. Mercer did not disappoint with an arsenal of his own tunes as well as ID’s compromising a majority of the show.

The festival featured a partnership with the flavored-mineral company Glow, which featured three signature drink offerings. The highlight of the offering was definitely the Glow Sunrise comprised of Glow (orange flavored mineral water), tequila, and grenadine. Food selections spanned from pizza and nachos to tacos and fries with various toppings.

Countdown NYE

The Night Continues

The Infinity stage then hosted the Australian Future Bass powerhouse What So Not. Opening with melodic synth-heavy music, What So Not seamlessly weaved melodic pop-esque music with Trap-fueled beats that kept the crowd jumping at Emoh Instead’s verbal direction.

Across the way, Alison Wonderland was showing off her broad musical prowess at the Resolution stage. She steadily drew a larger crowd with each coming selection. With songs ranging from Electronica to Trap, Dancehall, and Pop, Alison Wonderland knew how to work a crowd while spanning multiple genres. She was by far one of the standout performances of the festival.

Insomniac closed the night with Porter Robinson. The crowd erupted at the start of the show with his track “Easy”, a collaboration with Mat Zo. Porter kept the crowd constantly singing and cheering with each track. The DJ played songs from his popular ‘Worlds’ album, as well as selections of Dr. Fresch, The M Machine, RL Grime and more. His ending track, a Darren Styles & Gammer remix of “Sad Machine”, left everyone wanting more. The tent remained packed cheering for one more track at the end of the night.

Day Two

On day two, we experienced the new Will Call system. Rather than waiting in line to get your ID checked from a list, the Ground Control staff was ready with barcode scanners to scan a PDF email from your phone or a printed ticket. The system worked flawlessly as we walked through a line of over 100 eager fans in less than five minutes. Kudos Insomniac on the new system, the process obtaining tickets from Will Call was a breeze!

GTA began the second day of festivities with a genre-less set at the Resolution tent. Their track selection spanned current hits such as Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” to Electronica classics like Eiffel 65’s “Blue”. The high-energy set drew a massive crowd and the stage production further amplified the energy. Not a single body was standing still during the whole set. The driving bass could be felt through your body, keeping your feet moving to the ever-changing BPM.

JOYRYDE followed GTA with his swerve-House sound. He further pushed the crowd to its limits with funky highs and deep bass. Then, jumping on the mic expressing his gratitude for a crowd that gave 100%. By the end of JOYRYDE’s set, the Resolution crowd was pouring into the surrounding walkway. Fans were either dancing or trying to enter the tent for the chance to join the party.

Up next was the legendary Diplo, who brought plenty of Trap and Dancehall bangers to usher all the night owls further into the night. In every direction, you could see girls getting on top of shoulders for a better view and to dance above the crowd as Diplo showed what a master of his craft can do.

Countdown To The New Year

Keeping at the Resolution stage for the one and only Deadmau5, the crowd loudly erupted once the stage crew removed the LED stage and began assembling the iconic cube in a matter of minutes. Deadmau5 brought his signature sound and a long list of classic songs that he masterfully played live.

Throughout the show, he continued to maintain his playful crowd banter and interactions. Ninety seconds to midnight, Deadmau5 treated the crowd to a never-before-seen ‘Rick and Morty’ clip to usher in the new year. Apparently, ‘Ricky and Morty’ fans made up the majority of the attendees. This reveal was the loudest portion of the night.

We closed the night with Flosstradamus who brought the same high-intensity Trap-based energy the moniker has always been known for. Hip-hop bass lines, confetti cannons, twerking, and jumping on the DJ table were the themes of the set. The crowd loved every minute of it. After a long thank you to everyone who has supported the Flosstradamus project, the show was over. The crowd stayed for several minutes catching their breath, yet begging for more.

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OneEDM would like to thank Countdown NYE, Insomniac Events, and all who helped make this opportunity happen.

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