Jean-Michel Jarre Returns to the US in 2018

A laser harp, keytar, and countless synths will make their way to the US with Jean-Michel Jarre

Legendary French producer, Jean-Michel Jarre will make his U.S. festival debut this April at none other than Coachella. Jarre will take the stage April 13th and 20th to perform his critically acclaimed “Electronica” show. In between his back-to-back weekends at Coachella, he will take his massive production to the cities of Dallas, and Seattle. He’ll also make his return to Houston, where he broke a world record in 1986 by performing in front of over 1.3 million fans.

Photo credit: Eric Voake

Jarre has been traveling the globe and producing electronic music for over 50 years. In the process, he broke four Guinness World Records, earned a Grammy nomination, and developed one of the most stunning stage productions to date. The master himself personally designed every aspect of his “Electronica” tour from perception-defying mobile LED panels to immaculate laser lights. The tour first hit U.S. soil last year with nine dates across the country.

And here’s what just one critic had to say about the “Electronica” spectacular:

“(it’s) a visual and sonic triumph – true magic is born. There’s a possibility I may never experience a performance of that caliber again.”

Jarre’s Laser Harp in action. Photo credit: Eric Voake

Tickets for the tour have not yet been released, but a few Coachella wristbands are available on their website. Based off of reviews and a few videos from past shows, we recommend scooping tickets as soon as possible to witness the tour with your own eyes.

Visit Jarre’s website for a complete biography dating back to his beginnings in the seventies through today, plus a ton of live shows, media, and more.

Jean-Michel Jarre Social Media:

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