LA’s Minimal Sessions Move on Detroit Techno

Detroit is often known for its excellent techno and minimal house. Despite techno originating from Detroit, it has changed tremendously with strong influences from around the world continuously evolving the genre. One promoter quickly establishing itself as the premiere promoter for techno and minimal house music events is LA’s Minimal Sessions.

Over the course of the past few years, Minimal Sessions has quickly gained a solid fan base of techno and minimal house lovers in the LA area. Minimal Sessions prides itself on exposing people to the best minimal and tech house artists at its monthly residency at Outspoken (formerly Couture) in Hollywood, CA. Minimal Sessions also has a boutique record label that is renowned for its excellent minimal and tech house releases.

I had the pleasure of attending the latest installment of Minimal Sessions featuring acclaimed tech house producer and DJ Matt Sassari.  In Detroit, with over 500 people in attendance, it was by far the largest Minimal Sessions event to date, and the crew was elated. Outspoken provided an intimate environment and the dance floor was absolutely packed.

Sassari played an amazing set, as did Durtysoxxx of Funk’N Deep Records (co-presenter on the show), and Minimal Sessions label owners, Shmitty and Tyler Rouse who played a special B2B set. Tyler Rouse of Minimal Sessions said, “It’s so exciting to see so many people excited about techno from LA, especially now when there are so many other choices. It seems like it’s actual techno fans, not just anyone.”many other choices. It seems like it’s actual techno fans, not just anyone.”  According to Tyler Rouse, and many others in the Detroit’s music scene, LA’s influence on underground techno is getting stronger than ever.

Be sure to catch the next Minimal Session’s event featuring Barbuto and Remmington on May 19th.

Article guest-authored by by Sylvie Barnett 

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