Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Plans a New Date and a New Venue

Exciting Changes for the Future of Lightning in a Bottle

As the event organizers strive to invent a more intimate atmosphere for the festival, Lighting in a Bottle (LIB) will be moving to a new weekend with a brand new location and venue. The festival will now take place on the weekend of May 8th-13th, 2019. The festival’s location and venue have yet to be announced. The festival’s creators say they are in the final stages of securing the venue and will announce the location in twoto three weeks.

For more information on why LIB decided to move and how to request a refund if you purchased an early bird ticket, please see below.

Lightning in a Bottle

Why the Venue Change?

Monterey County Park Department is no longer managing the large scale events in the San Antonio Recreation Center. Also, the park is being converted into a day park which restricts the area, no overnight camping.  Furthermore, these conditions prevent them from continuing with the venue moving into 2019.

While we are sad to leave behind what has been an amazing 5 years at San Antonio Recreation Area and a good relationship with Monterey County, we are also excited and energized by the possibilities of a beautiful new home where we can begin again and discover new ways to push Lightning In A Bottle forward to be the greatest gathering and experience it can be for everyone.

The Lightning in a Bottle Team

Location of the New Venue?

Although they have not released the locationg of the venue, LIB has ensured guests it will be in central California. They will release the information in 2-3 weeks once they have secured the location and venue.

we already see many wonderful opportunities for upgrading the LIB experience at its new home and will be hard at work for the next few months creating this new LIB wonderland.

The Lightning in a Bottle Team

Why a Date Change?

The creators couldn’t secure the new venue over Memorial Day so they moved weekends. They believe this new venue embodies the new goals and principles that Lightning in a Bottle will stand for.

If this news comes as a shock, we apologize. Venue challenges are an inevitable part of throwing festivals, and the best we can do is move through The Lightning in a Bottle Team as gracefully as possible. 

The Lightning in a Bottle Team
Yoga at Lightning in a Bottle

Early Bird Ticket Sales

Early Bird Ticket sale dates will be announced in a few weeks along with the location announcement. For more information sign up for the Lightning in a Bottle newsletter.

What if I Bought an Early Bird Ticket in 2018?

Tickets purchased during the Early Bird Sale in 2018 will still be honored with the new festival date and venue. You will receive your wristbands in the mail before the event as expected. People who purchased a ticket but would like a refund can do so by visiting the website’s refund page.

With this in mind, refunds will be processed within five business days. Also, the deadline for requesting a refund is February 1st, 2019.

Lineup Announcements

They will begin releasing the festival’s lineup in early February.

Lightning in a Bottle

Connect with Lightning in a Bottle 2019

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