Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Shifting Focus for a More Intimate Experience

The News about Making LIB Safer

In an email to their fans this week, Do LaB, the creators of Lightning in a Bottle (LIB), announced that in efforts to create a more intimate and magical festival experience, they plan to significantly lower LiB ticket capacity for 2019. Speculating it to be lower than 25% of the original amount. This news comes just weeks before their expected presale in January 18th and 19th.

From the decision we all make to get that ticket and attend LIB to all the little decisions and actions that go into creating a festival with thousands of participants, we all create the magical extended weekend that is LIB, together. [It] shows us that it’s not simply that we come together, it is the way we come together that makes LIB so magic and memorable.

The Do LaB Team

The LIB Experience

2018 was the biggest year yet for Lightning in a Bottle which saw over 27,000 beautiful souls in attendance over 5 magnificent days of celebration. Sprawling over the hills of San Antonio Recreation area in what looks to be a “shanty town” of easy ups, LIB is quite the unique festival experience. It creates an environment to not only celebrates music, but learn, expand, and explore ourselves. Have a passion? Like Yoga? Do you want to learn about the universe around you? There is something for everyone, both young and old to enjoy.

Realizing Responsibility

Although, as LIB began to expand it had it’s fair share of challenges. There have been tragedies, some resulting in the death of one of their own. In 2017, a young woman named Bailey and in 2018 a young man named Tyler. By all accounts they loved coming to the festival and as their family and friends mourn their passing, our hearts to go them. Do LaB will honor them by making Lightning in a Bottle a safer experience for all in 2019.

 Please take care of yourselves and each other. We work hard to make LIB safe and magical and we do not want anyone to come to harm. We want everyone to flourish, so please be safe.

The Do LaB Team

What to Expect in 2019

  • Lowering Ticket Capacity by over 25%
  • Lightning in a Bottle First Timer’s Guide
  • Bringing Back the Annual Green Report
  • Introduction of the “6 Ways of LIB” Festival Code

Ticket Sales

In addition to ticket capacity lowering, a select number of tickets will be sold to a day early, on January 18th at 10 a.m PT, for a Loyalty Sale. People who have attended the festival before and registered their previous year’s wristband will get first grabs at tickets at this time. Meanwhile, the Early Bird Sale will begin on January 19th at 10 a.m PT. To sign up for the early bird sale register here.

LIB First Timer’s Guide

The creators of Lightning in a Bottle plan to introduce a “First Timer’s” how-to guide about the festival. It will explain in detail how to arrive/leave, camping instructions, ticket packages, the experience, and how to find help if you need it. More details to come.

Annual Green Report

LIB is bringing back the “Annual Green Report” to bring more transparency to LIB’s sustainability initiatives. The report creates incentives to continue reducing LIB’s environmental impact year after year.


“6 Ways of LIB” Festival Code

Do LaB is introducing the “6 Ways of LIB” – a festival code of guiding principles that is geared towards unifying LIBers. The 6 Ways of LIB are a guide that apply to all aspects of our festival experience. They are simple, yet powerful when practiced by all those who attend LIB. In the coming months Do LaB has asked that attendees memorize this code and practice it.

As the festival campaign unfolds, Do LaB plans to expand on these 6 guiding principles with details on how to handle arriving/departing, caming, interacting with security, and more. Stay tuned with Do LaB and Lightning in a Bottle for more information.

The 6 Ways of LIB
Celebrate Life
Create Community
Respect Yourself & Others
Actively Participate
Honor The Land
Be A Citizen

Connect with Lightning in a Bottle 2019

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