Lightning in a Bottle Releases Art Line-up & Themed CoLab Camping

Art and CoLab Camping at this year's LIB festival

Lightning in a Bottle has released their brand new, immersive, and community minded CoLaB Camping experience. CoLaB camps offer a fun, diverse way for attendees to showcase their creative minds and host their fellow festival attendees. To apply to host a CoLaB Camp, festival goers can fill in the form here until March 31, 2020: The goal is for the CoLaB camps to allow new friendships to blossom and to strengthen the LIB feeling of community. 

Also announced by Lightning in a Bottle, is the Visionary Art lineup. Firstly, The MOVA experience will return to the festival for the first time since 2017. Android Jones will be making its return with the project, bringing with him an incredible 360° dome projection experience along with an immersive and visual art gallery.

Abstract and conceptual psychedelic painters, Alex and Allyson Grey, will also be returning to Lighting in a Bottle to share their vision and art teachings to the LIB community. Both artists are encouragers & spokespeople for the benefits of following a psychedelic path, and the pair continues to share their experience and knowledge about spiritual artistic mysticism to fans around the world.

From a talk on Visionary Culture, a live painting session during the genre-blending performance by Emancipator, and a co-led art Visionary Art Hour, there’s no shortage of offerings for fans to look forward to!

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