Lights All Night: A Heavy Hitting Event That Cannot Be Missed

They say everything is bigger in Texas which is not necessarily true, however, that does stand true when it comes to New Year’s Eve parties. December 28th marked the starting date for Lights All Night to take place at the Dallas Market Hall. Big names took the stage, magnificent art was spread all around the massive 200,000 square foot warehouse, and the scent from amazing foods filled the air. Read on about the highlights of the experience of this spectacular event.

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Wonderful Art:

Art played a big role here at Lights All Night. Art keeps the attendees wondering and exploring deeper. Also, it keeps them coming back for more. Among the most impressive art displays was a room called “Light Leaks.” This room featured tons of disco balls floating overhead. As light strikes the disco balls their reflections scatter every which-way, consequently, illuminating the room. The effect was quite dramatic.

Upon entry to this site, the guests were handed a pair of headphones. Performers such as Metaphysics, Saratonin, Grime Tribe, Oxigenate, Krewx, among many other artists whose tracks were featured during this listening experience. Between the sensory experiences of hearing the music, seeing the shiny disco balls, galactic vibes ensued allowing for the purveyors to let loose in what seemed like another world.

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Additional modern art displays at the Lights All Night New Year’s Eve event had lit up the festival grounds. Located at the back of Supernova, these beautiful light fixtures seemed to change in synchrony with the live music performance, in effect, the pair illuminate the festival grounds with indescribable configurations that simply set the stage for magnificent photos against its aesthetic.

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Lastly, the most compelling example of the light designs were those neon letters that spelled the phrase “All the Light You See is the Past”. Situated across from the Space Station Dj set, observers of this glowing neon phrase saw the deeper message revealed as certain letters glow waned to darkness leaving it read as “All You See Is the Past.” Conseqently, its dramatic effect made this the most favorable of attractions on display.

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Good Food And Warmth:

December 28th calls for some rather cold weather in Texas, but that did not stop ravers from wearing there favorite dance attire no matter how bare and thus seasonally inappropriate for the cold winter weather. Yet those attendees dressed against the odds of withstanding the cold were completely fine since many fire-pits provided warmth to them.

These numerous little fire pits were conveniently situated across the from the food trucks whose lines were long and exposed to the cold. A very nice touch by Lights All night indeed, as guests could go to any of the nine food trucks they desired, get their food rather quickly, and then warm up at the fire pits in a huddle.

Incidentally, such huddling gave rise to the conversation among some unique individuals sharing the warmth of the fire. This was a great experience and even moreso as one of the food truck favorites, “The Melt On Wheels”, fed the moment.

Chilling At Its Finest

At a festival of this magnitude, it is only a matter of time until fatigue strikes. Luckily, Lights All Night has it figured out a proper resting area at the Sweet Tooth Hotel Lounge. Therein, tons of seating arrangements provided rest for tired bodies in the ambiance of art fixtures arranged neatly around the lounge.

Beanbag-like chairs under mystical looking trees are placed all around the lounge to help festival-goers rest their tired feet, yet there was no escaping the filthy beats resounding in it’s 200,000 square foot space.

Lovely heart-shaped swings lined the walls. This made for beautiful pictures with a significant other and were somehow soothing and relaxing at the same time. Next to the seats of the lounge were vendors whipping up tasty snacks all night. Among them, “Freddy’s Grill” was another favorite for its amazing juice beverages that came in huge cups.

The Sweet Tooth Hotel is impressive enough, as one lounge alone can certainly please its guests; however, an alternative can make for more to enjoy. The second lounge, called Dreamhack Gaming Lounge definitely made for more to lounging enjoy. This gaming lounge had dozens of computers open for competitive play. Games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, PUBG, and CSGO were available to guest all night. It does not get better than that.

Big Performances:

Of course, a festival of this size is going to have big performances from even bigger artists upon larger than life sized stages. Two such stages, Supernova and Intergalactic graced the festival grounds.

Intergalactic had a rave-like feel as if this stage alone was home of the original rave phenomenon. Nothing short of being special. It delivered an extreme amount of satisfaction.

Supernova was breathtaking. Giant LED screens lit up the entire room with insane graphics. Watching them was absolute bliss. Laser lights, fog machines, and confetti cannons were going off simultaneously making the party just surge in intensity.

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Headlining performers such as Diplo, Excision, Gucci Mane, Kaskade, Rezz, and Tiesto killed it during their performances at the Supernova stage. The experience was a wild two-day event that leaves guests looking forward to coming back again for next year’s edition of Lights All Night.

Music is constantly booming and keeping blood pumping through your veins fiercily. The kindest people gather all over, encouraging each other to get up on their feet and move to the beat. Lights All Night is one of Dallas’s biggest traditions and therefore shows no sign of dying. In search of a proper New Year’s Eve EDM event? Look no further. Find yourself at Light All Night, it simply cannot be missed.

Photo provided by “Alive Coverage.”

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