The Inaugural Lost Lands 2017

With Lost Lands nine days away you may be asking yourself which artists you should be watching for. What up and coming acts will blow everyone away and who will be the MUST SEE performances. This article will showcase those acts that are coming to lost lands so you know who to watch for and where you have to be at all times.

Artist Showcase

The lineup for Lost Lands in its inaugural year is full of ear-deafening bass. Excision has put together a group of artists to please anyone that is a fan of heavy bass. Lost Lands is sure to make the ground shake with the 500,000 watt sound system and crazy stages that they have had custom built. Here is a list of some artists to watch for at Lost Lands.


In case you missed it under all the other heavy hitters in the lineup, Destroid will be making a rare reunion for Lost Lands! With members including Excision, Downlink and KJ SAWKA as the supersonic alien robots of bass, this super-group is nothing short of a full-frontal assault of filthy bass. This is a set for the ages!


REZZ is one of the hottest DJ’s coming to this festival as she has traveled the world this year spreading her unique beats and style. The heavy bass and trippy sounds of her music will have everyone hypnotized. Watch for REZZ to pull out all the stops to bring the house down, this set is a must see!


Snails have been on fire lately releasing new tracks and going on a full-blown tour with custom stages to please his vomit squad, which has been making all of the shows sell out as fast as they can post tour dates. If you want to headbang to some of the filthiest sounds that exist in the industry right now you will want to join the vomit squad and head to the stage for Snails set at Lost Lands.

Kill the Noise

For all the dubstep fans out there look no further!! Kill the Noise has been crushing the festival scene this year and has impressed with sets that have simply been brain melting. He may be well known but that never stops him from continuing to blow fans away with some of the best dubstep being produced in our time and age.

Dion Timmer

You may have heard Dion Timmer collaborate with Excision before, but watch for him to shred the stage apart at Lost Lands. With the sounds of 90’s raves, bright neon lights, and aggressive robot noises he will bring some of the heaviest bass and melodic tunes that make everyone in the crowd go wild.

12th Planet

Producer of the Year: 12th Planet is set to perform Sunday a dubstep and drum and bass show. His stage presence as a wild artist holding nothing back and keeps the crowd on their feet. This year has been quite the year for him as he’s played at every major festival in the United States and now the first year of Lost Lands!

Excision B2B Datsik

For the second time this year, Excision and Datsik go back to back to give the fans a set that will melt your face with amazing stage visuals and bass music that only extenuates their names. Both artists have been very successful this year, with tons of new releases from Datsik, and Excision’s Paradox tour and stage. It’s going to be something incredible to see both of these artists combining their efforts to give us the show we’re hoping for.

Seven Lions

Seven Lions has toured and performed with some of the biggest names in the industry. His technical production skills really bridge the gap between trance and bass music. He has created his own hybridized creations that people normally wouldn’t associate with EDM. Seven Lions has taken tracks and rearranged the way they’re grouped and released, creating a more thematic EP format. With beautiful vocals and heavy bass it’s no surprise how beautiful yet heavy his music is.


Denver, CO-based electronic/dubstep artist Illenium is one of the unique sets to watch. With melodic sounds all over the EDM spectrum along with beautiful vocals and lyrics from top singers, his music can hit all your emotions. The last year he has really gained momentum with new releases such as “Crawl Outta Love” ft. Annika Wells and touring with The Chainsmokers.



For those that feed on the riddim, SQUNTO will provide a buffet of heavy bass and mega chops. SQUNTO produces a unique style of riddim that chops in and out of tracks in a way that will get your head banging and your body jamming. He manages to balance his style and still put out a sound that everyone can enjoy and leave the set with a memory that will never be forgotten.


Boogie T

If you are into filthy riddim, bass, and possibly live instruments come to the stage and get down with Boogie T. He has collaborated with GRIZ, Snails, and Luzcid along with many other artists. From a young age, Boogie T grew up around music and grew into the beast of riddim that he is today. The crowd will be an ocean of synchronized movement as everyone comes together to enjoy some of the freshest beats out there.

Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead needs no special introduction as I guarantee you have heard endless remixes of their hit Frontlines. Zeds Dead has inspired so many DJs around the country and world with their uplifting songs that always hit home. Seeing them live can be a life-changing experience for some and also something that nobody will ever forget. The vocals that they bring their tracks compliment the melodic tones and beats. When it comes to what they do best Zeds Dead is THE BEST, and are not to be missed!!


If you are an avid dubstep fan then you know who Yheti is, he has been climbing up the ranks and can be seen on many lineups at shows all across the country. His hard-hitting bass and tempo transport your mind into a whole new world. A world where the bass is king and you are a note within the kingdom. Yheti continues to crush the scene as he heads to Lost Lands and is sure to put on an amazing set.

Festival Overview

In its inaugural year, Lost Lands promises to bring thousands of bassheads together and become a family for a weekend. Excision was not messing around at all when planing this festival and it looks to be one that will go down in history as one of the most epic festivals of all time.

Legend Valley is a 230-acre live music venue and campground that has hosted concerts, music festivals and athletic events since the 1970s. This year, Excision will turn Legend Valley into a prehistoric bass festival to unite all bass heads into one tribe. With immersive environments, music production workshops, wild stage production, and 500,00 watts of sound, it’s bound to vibrate the entire valley.

Legend Valley

This venue really provides a great camping atmosphere. Being that it’s a valley, only flat smooth surfaces anywhere you turn. Plenty of room for the GA and RV camping, including car camping. The festival is a unique camping experience called The Dino Den. Which is a 20 x 30′ camping space for up to six guests, close to the main festival gates. As well as FREE shower facilities, exclusive access to Dino-Den-only food vendors, extended space and access to the Dinosaur Landing for entertainment, activities, food and all your needs including ice and water refills.


90% sold out

As far as tickets go they are 90% sold out so get them while you can. All camping sold out three times already and it is unknown whether they will open up more sales. There are also shuttle passes that can be purchased if you are staying at a hotel in nearby Columbus Ohio.

It’s the end of September, we’re expecting beautiful weather during the daytime, but the nighttime is going to get chilly so campers, be sure to pack accordingly. Lost Lands has done very well with keeping the tribe updated with news about the performances, campgrounds, and experience. Among those posts, they have shared their “Sacred code of Lost Lands”. Which is basically the golden rules of the festival.








All are sacred to this festival, and any other. So with those out of the way, let’s get ready for Lost Lands!






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