Recap: ‘Lost My Mind’ with Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis

Starting 2019 off the right way, two iconic EDM DJ’s, Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis, kicked off their ‘Lost My Mind Tour’. The duo set out on their two-month tour starting January in Madison, WI and closing it out in Pittsburgh, PA. During the tour you had the chance to see their iconic back to back set and their own individual sets.

photographer: @taylor_thehuman

Alison Wonderland

Although this was her first of many stunning performance, seeing this iconic Aussie DJ performance, here, was by far the best. For this show Alison Wonderland opened for Dillon Francis, bringing the audience to a noticeably loud roar. Throughout her entire set, she played fan favorites from her new album Awake including “Easy” and “Church”. The highlight of her show was breaking out her cello. It has been on tour with her since she debuted her album Awake in 2018. Furthermore, the beautiful soft string was a beautiful addition to an almost acoustic version of her song “Awake”.

photographer: @taylor_thehuman

Dillon Francis

Closing out the individual artist performances, Dillon Francis opened his show with the crowd singing Bohemian Rhapsody. From there, the beats only continued to climb as he moved into his full set. His uptempo house music was a change of pace from Alison Wonderland’s deep, melodic bass. Dillon Francis’ visuals were electrifying and urged upbeat and exciting energy in the crowd. Also, the highlight of the night was him playing “White Boi” and throwing look-alike Geralds into the crowd.

photographer: @taylor_thehuman

Alison Wonderland B2B Dillon Francis

With sounds that do not sound all that similar, Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis came together at the end of the show to put on a stellar B2B (back to back) performance. Not only did they intertwine their sound, but also they did it with unique styles: bringing in Dillon Francis’s electrifying beats and coupling them with Alison Wonderland’s melodic, deep bass- they shared contagious energy on stage. Throughout the show, the artists pumped each other up before handing over the reins to the music.

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