Review: Music On NY with Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia and Jesse Calosso

Marco Carola’s Music On New York showcase was presented by Teksupport on Friday, February 16th at Depot 52 Warehouse in Brooklyn. New York’s own Danny Tenaglia and DC-10 regular Jesse Calosso joined Marco Carola for a night of hot and heavy dance sets.

Traveling worldwide to showcase ‘Music On’ Marco brings along special guests joining him at every stop. Previously, he has brought some of the world’s most renowned tech house DJs. Some of the artists to join him on this journey include Carl Cox, Green Velvet, The Martinez Brothers and more. The following night, Marco Carola took Music On to Miami where he played another unique extended set with his good friend Paco Osuna. Music On Miami took place Saturday, February 17 at Club Space.

Depot 52

Since last year, Teksupport has been dominating the NYC warehouse scene, bringing world-class tech house events to the city that never sleeps. Among a concrete jungle of elaborate high-end clubs, Teksupport has been able to revamp warehouse spaces to emulate the very sought-after vibe of the European underground.

Music On NY was held at Depot 52 Warehouse, a space which is frequently utilized by Teksupport to curate events. Located in a mostly industrial area in Brooklyn near the Verrazano bridge, the venue is in a perfect location for a night of undisturbed, electrifying chaos. To no surprise, the event ran through the night until the early morning sunrise.

Given the unpredictable weather in New York during February, the night of the event hit an unforeseen low of 27 degrees. With a location on the water, the wind chill turned many walks from parked cars into quick runs to the venue. Luckily, Teksupport managed to get people inside in an organized manner and with little to no wait. Despite the cold, the crowd seemed rather undisturbed, and some even underdressed.

Walking in, Depot 52 was adorned with colorful lights from every direction that created an electrifying atmosphere. As the crowd danced, they were painted with hues of greens, blues, and purples, at points being completely submerged in flashing lights. As it neared 2 a.m., space was packed from front to back. Overall, everyone clearly came with the expectation and determination to dance up a sweat.

The Lineup

The full lineup for Music On NY was announced mid-January. Danny Tenaglia and Jesse Calosso joined Marco Carola for an unforgettable night of high-power sets. The trio put on a memorable show at Depot 52 Warehouse and brought the heat to an exceptionally frigid New York night. Nonetheless, the chilling 27-degree temperature outdoors did not seem to hinder the vibe on the sensational dance floor.

Jesse Calosso

Kicking off the night was Bronx-born DJ and producer Jesse Calosso. Jesse holds long-standing friendships and many collaborations with The Martinez Brothers and Filsonik; both influential New York artists in the tech house scene. Regarding musical influences, “It all goes back to disco,” Jesse says and speaks of his father’s love for the genre as a driver behind an “attic full of vinyl” at home which he has been able to draw upon.

Jesse’s Music On NY was a great way to start warming people up that night. He delivers a framework of uptempo percussion, sculpted with dark, distorted bass lines to add extra dimension and groove. Given the extreme cold that night, this was the perfect way to get the fire burning on the dance floor.

Danny Tenaglia

Following Jesse Calosso was Danny Tenaglia, New YYork-based DJ and Grammy nominated record producer. Danny Tenaglia gained momentum in his career in the 70s when he first got his hands on vinyl. In 1985, he relocated to Miami where his career as a successful DJ took full blast. Since then, Danny has gained increasing recognition as a musician worldwide. After thirty years in the industry Danny has yet to lose his wind and continues to bring original, groovy and experimental beats to the decks.

Danny warmed up the decks for his friend Marco Carola with an extensive set of sexy and fun selections. One of the highlights from Danny’s ensemble was “Where’s Your Head At” by Basement Jaxx. The crowd really loosened up as they continued to move to the music. 

Marco Carola

Topping off the night was of course the esteemed Marco Carola, a global face of techno. Originally from Napoli in the south of Italy, Marco was a key player in the international rise of the electronic scene in the early 90s. Today, Marco is still one of the most celebrated artists among the scene. 

After an extensive set from Danny Tenaglia, Marco Carola took the stage just after 3:30 a.m. From start to finish, the energy Marco brought to the night was phenomenal. The crowd seemed surprisingly more alive than ever. Not even an hour into his set Marco is dropping the track “Machine II (Original Mix)” by Literon. Regardless of the late hour, Marco was able to bring the vigor of the crowd into full force. People seemed to have impressive stamina as the dancing would not stop, also seemingly intensifying as the night went on. Everyone was moving to Marco’s dynamic beats, even Danny Tenaglia who stuck around backstage for Marco Carola’s set.

Big thanks to Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia and Jessa Calosso for bringing the heat to the NYC cold. Shout out to Teksupport and all event staff for yet another legendary tech-nasty night.

Furthermore, for more upcoming ‘Music On’ tour dates click here.

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