Event Review: Markus Schulz/Nifra at Webster Hall NYC

Cinco de Mayo turned into a Germany take over when Markus Schulz took New York into a state of trance. was there to experience the pomp party and boy do we have a lot to say. Held at the famous Webster Hall, Manhattan’s East Village witnessed the energetic trance justice laid out by Markus Schulz. With his trusted tour mate Nifra at the open of this floor shaking maximum spectacle, New York City was tempted by the heat of the moonlight.

When the warm up room permeates with body odor you know you’re in a for a doozie. Fans from the past, the present, and the future came together to have joy and give praise towards the trance tycoon. Markus Schulz t-shirts to my left and new friendships forming to my right were the mood and state there that night. The people came to “party” and the artists did not disappoint.

It’s 12:30 am and Nifra steps on stage growling her feline fiery female power. Honestly, she spins like a dude and it’s hot to see a woman do what a man can do. All with femininity and confidence. She delivers this certain type of style I like to call triangle trance. A feel of trance, house, and electro all throughout her mixes. As her set went on I take a look around the room and even walk through it. You notice it takes a certain type of individual to commit to an evening at Webster Hall. Imagine if the Mean Girls lunchroom breakdown happened in real life along with shuffling trance heads and groups of people who are out for their first time in NYC. However, that’s what makes it what it is and we love that about it.

An hour and a half past midnight the room begins to darken and a heavy bass vibrates. The silhouette of the champion Markus Schulz appears. Track after track of experience and authority expelled from Schulz energize the night. When you’re into trance you know trance, and you know Markus lives, breathes and eats trance. A senior at his art he jolts the crowd with energy. It has been a non-stop trip around the world for Markus. Coldharbour Recordings owned Miami music week, with 3 nights 3 parties being smashed all by one label. Performing an open to close set at Heart Nightclub Markus took Miami to catalepsy, but NYC takes it away. Webster Hall’s Girls and Boys consistently offer capital acts, but a volcanic eruption of trance treasured the main room this early am.

Coldharbour Recordings owner and over 25 years in the business Markus Schulz is on top of his game. Spinning fan favorites (and personal favorites) like “Destiny” ft DeLacey (written about his relationship with Adina Butar), “In the Night” ft Brooke Tomlinson, and “Remember This” set alight to the crowd. It’s just as good as hearing his podcasts but only better…it’s live! Facetime your friends who can’t be here because Adina Butar just stomped onto the stage serenading Webster Hall. Song lyrics “New York City Take Me Away” illuminate the screen as Adina croons and Markus conducts his electronic stanza.

They don’t call them DJs for no reason. Despite his size and success he still does the fundamental thing; he throws a party. Time goes on and three am creeps in and he showcases his raw gritty club side. You get a sense of The alias Dakota as he takes you on a dimensional warp. “Thoughts become things” (2009) was the first full album release for Markus as Dakota, and now as “The Nine Skies” approaches Markus thrills us with tracks like “Running up that Hill” and my favorite “Mota-Mota“. A deeper more aggressive trance hit. It’s vast horn hook and rhythmic bass line swells the room, twittering my musical heart.

With visuals that took you on a systematic merry go round, the stickiness of the floor or the unwanted gropings of party goers doesn’t even phase you. This party wasn’t for wussies and the aggression of the crowd proved that. Moments of nostalgia and reverence took place as this hypnotic affair went on. His intent on making melodies that last a lifetime triumph. Dropping cuts like “Loops and Tings” (with fellow trance titan Ferry Corsten) from his Global Dj Broadcast back in 2012, brought back countless memories for me. I turned to my trance brother Craig with wide eyes and a kool-aid smile as it’s foolproof trance posture hit me.

Spreading love is the Schulz way it seems to be as Markus brings to stage Mike Saint-Jules and spins his dynamite mix of “Resurrection” by Andy Moor. A trance family that plays together stays together and it’s admirable to witness that. Putting on a show is more than exhibiting what you do and create but what inspires you and what you love about others’ masterpieces. It’s all about that love love love. It’s no wonder why this man has such a lasting career. Fans are loving the previews of the new Dakota project being spun on trancenation but here they are getting a taste of it live. Markus flashes Dakota across the screen and the crowd roars. Before I knew it, it was 4 am and I still had the energy to go on.

In interviews, Markus has stated he loves the life and the passion for trance (and all music) in the trance industry. To be able to get with another trance artist to make and enjoy the music together just for that simple reason makes it amazing. It makes us wonder if we’re doing enough to show appreciation; I think we do, because all that we want is to dance when we hear Markus. Or workout, or ride your bike up midtown during rush hour on Broadway. We then ask the question, “When can we see Markus again?”. You can catch him at this year’s Electric Zoo, right here in NYC. His fans follow him around the world so there is no question if they would follow him into the ninth sky. So paint your face, lift your weights, cut out the carbs and let Markus daze you into a dream.

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