Sneak Peak: Married To The Rave

These days, money drives every facet in music promotion. It’s hard to find a group who put themselves on the front line with no guarantee of financial return. Every once in a while, a group appears that fits this description, and that’s Edm Frontlife. On August 19th, the culmination of all their hard work will come to fruition in the form of Married To The Rave.

In celebration of three years in the business, the Orlando based promotion team decided to take it out of the club and into the festival domain. While it may be a first for them, we always remember our first time. The Married to the Rave festival, taking place at the Woodstock Orlando, has most bases covered with its coverage of different niche genre fanbases. The lineup is trickled among three stages; being devoted to trance, bass music, and house vibes. The stages were carefully put together with the eclectic music tastes of the EDM Frontlife crew in mind.

The mainstage will be a bass heavy stomping ground. With a lineup boasting ear-rattling music of the likes of Protohype, Phase One, Levitation Jones, this stage is sure to pull no punches. Leaving no rail safe, the stage will be given a pristine setup. A digital rendering of the stage was released, with the announcement that Guerilla Production Co. will be handling the development process. These are the same guys who handled stage production for the likes of Green Velvet, Claude vonStroke & more.

The terrace will bring a surreal unity to the Orlando trance family. Brought together by a star banging lineup, the terrace will facilitate an intimate feeling among attendees and artists. The terrace is headlined by the likes of Indecent Noise and Neptune Project, who are big enough to hold it down. In support, the lineup features the legendary Kristina Sky, the beloved DJ Micro, Rising stars Monoverse and Niko Zografos, Evoke collaborator Magnus, locals DJ Agni and Reliquary, and of course, Suzy Solar and Robb Blak of Lost in Trancelation.

The Lounge will feature some of the dark rhythms that often paint our nightlife. Headlined by Matt Lange of Mau5trap, the mood that comes with the territory is supposed to emit club vibes. Expect house and techno in its purest forms, featuring seasoned crowd pleasers. Providing support in the form of grooves, Ronnie Lopez, TechNeekz, and Celo are also billed to set the appropriate vibes along with many more!

Additionally, Married To The Rave will feature an open decks area for the aspiring DJ to play to a crowd. The decks will be open from 1-6 PM, with 15 minute slots, giving a total of 20 people a shot to wow the crowd. Announcements also revealed Dirtybird artist Fancy Fux will make an appearance, giving us the tech house atmosphere needed.

It isn’t every day you find such a unique lineup. If you will be in Orlando at the time, this event is a must for anyone willing witness something new. If you’re tired of the same cookie cutter festivals, Married To The Rave appears to be a fresh gathering of both international and local talent. For those arriving on Friday, the official pre-party will be held at the Woodstock Orlando. With interesting b2bs, it serves as the perfect way to bring attendees into the right state of mind for the actual event.

You can buy tickets here. The party is set to take place on Saturday, August 19th. Come join in the fun!

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