Millennivl & Friends Tour Unleashes Tons of Bass-Filled Energy

Millennivl is a Tampa-based dubstep DJ/producer and he currently hosts an ongoing tour called "Millennivl & Friends Tour", which has and will continue to have nothing but bass, bass, and more fantastic bass

Millennivl, whose birth name is Anthony Toro, is an emerging DJ/producer from Tampa, Florida. On October 16, 2020, Millennivl co-hosted an exciting bass music festival in Orlando called “Equinox“, which was the first stop of his ongoing tour titled “Millennivl & Friends Tour“. As of today, he has also performed at Jacksonville’s Myth Nightclub on October 25th. His next stop will be at TK Lounge in Tampa on November 13.

Millennivl is also the owner of his own entertainment company, Terminal Events, and the CEO and founder of MVXIC Corporation. Additionally, he just recently signed to Festivillainz record label, CROWD POISON Records, for 2020-2021. he has also signed his newest track collaboration with Novacas called “Artillery” on CROWD POISON as well. Here are more details about this unique “Millennivl & Friends Tour”.

Millennivl & Friends Tour throughout Florida (and Denver)

To emphasize, the “Millennivl & Friends Tour” is tour that will take place mainly in Florida. The only non-Florida tour stop is Denver, Colorado and over there, he will perform at Beta Nightclub on February 25. Furthermore, he will also perform at a two-day event called “Your Moms House” on February 27-28 in Denver as well. Aside from the aforementioned TK Lounge stop, he will later perform at Marquee DTSP in St. Petersburg, Florida on November 25. On that date, Marquee DTSP will host an event called “F2020 Thanksgiving”.

Afterwards, he will headline Tampa’s Pegasus Nightclub on December 4 and Marquee DTSP again on an unknown December date. When 2021 arrives, he will perform at The Patio in Daytona, Florida and at a drive-in festival (also on unknown dates in January). In February, he will perform at the aforementioned Denver events before returning to Florida to headline Fort Myers’ Nauti Parrot Dock. Currently, the Nauti Parrot Dock show is the last show listed on the tour. Millennivl will announce more tour dates soon and he may add more states onto the tour.

Quick summary about Millennivl

Anthony “Millennivl” Toro from Tampa is a 27-year-old dubstep DJ/producer. He has opened up for artists like BONNIE X CLYDE, Blunts & Blondes and Yultron. He has performed at some of Florida’s top music venues such as The Ritz, Electronic Lollipop and Shepards. Follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram and his official website.


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