Must-See Artists at Wet Electric’s 10th Anniversary

Activated Events, partnered with Relentless Beats, present Wet Electric’s 10th Anniversary this year. This annual event will be on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe, Arizona.

This 18+ show boasts a splashing good time. With two stages of music, water slides, the largest wave pool in the country, luxury cabanas, food and beverages, and a fully-stocked bar, one can easily see why Wet Electric is the largest waterpark music festival in the United States.

While one stage will be focused on more mainstream music, the others will focus on house music. Attendees can look forward to a variety of genres this year. Below are a few artists to catch at Wet Electric.

RL Grime

Hailing from Los Angeles, RL Grime is well-known for his distinct trap sound. Consequently, his music is a unique combination of trap music and future bass. He also mixes his sets with elements of drum and bass, electro-house and Dutch house. He constantly updates his Soundcloud page, and as a result, one can hear the variety of music he dabbles in, too.

While some of his tracks begin sweet and melodic, they often lead to the following: a nasty, grimy drop that is true to his name. One simply can not help but make a face in appreciation of how grimy his music sounds. No stranger to Arizona, Relentless Beats has brought him before for previous events. Get your bodies ready for a heavy set that will leave you wanting more.

What So Not

Australian artist What So Not’s music is a mix of trap, hip-hop and experimental bass. The result: a beautiful experimental sound that takes listeners on a musical expedition. In listening to his songs, one can definitely pick out several melodic elements unique to him and him alone.

His EDC Mexico set this year started out surprisingly with elements of UK garage and drum and bass, with some wubs and dubs, leading to Toto’s “Africa.” He even threw in some jungle house. What So Not has such an interesting sound. His unexpected combinations in music will definitely keep you on your toes.

Bonnie x Clyde

Talented dj duo/producer/vocalist Bonnie x Clyde fuses electro-pop, synthpop, house and trap music into a distinct sound called “Vocal Bass.” Their track “Rise Above,” an enormous Soundcloud hit, then led them to a licensing deal with Insomniac Records.

One of their latest hot singles, “Bass Jam” starts off with a dreamy pop vocal that leads to a trap drop. In 2018, Spotify and Apple Music identified them as an act to look out for. Undoubtedly, their success grows each year, as they tour and perform for music festivals. Expect happy, feel-good vibes at their set.

Sacha Robotti

LA-based artist Sacha Robotti’s music has a vibey sound that gets your blood flowin’ and hips movin’. Sacha’s music has definitely undergone an evolution over the years. Even so, you can recognize his certain sound signature in his creations: dirty, bass-heavy, booty-shakin’ noises and the like. True to the last part of his moniker, you can often find robotic, metallic elements in his tracks. His tracks are always full of tiny sound elements that make it anything but boring. House music lovers will delight in what he has to offer, and his funky, creative style will be sure to make you dance.

Taiki Nulight

Brighton-born DJ and producer Taiki Nulight is known for his fusion of UK dancefloor influences. Signed to Night Bass Records, his trademark mix of house, bass and garage music is a perfect fit for the label.

While he’s released several mixtapes on Soundcloud, his remix of Volac’s “No Love” is a track that truly stands out. Fans of Night Bass will recognize this song from other fellow Night Bass Records artists, such as AC Slater. One can’t help but simply start shuffling wherever you hear this song. His “Spotlight” playlist is full of his original and remixed tracks and is sure to delight your ears with its grungy garage vibes. If you enjoy dark, dirty underground sounds, be sure to turn up at his set. Bring your shufflin’ shoes.

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