Two New Events on the Way from Q-dance

New Events: Wow Wow 2018 and Rave Research 2019

The Q-Dance brand is making way for new events. Among them, Rave Research 2019 and Wow Wow 2018. The former will take place at airport Weeze, Germany in September 2019 and the latter will take place at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome on New Year’s Eve 2018.

new events
Graphic from Q-Dance Facebook

These new events will replace the former hardstyle rave parties Q-BASE and Freaqshow. The news is as exciting as it is mysterious. These event titles spell out new beginnings and amazement. Fans of Q-Dance prepare for a new chapter in Hardstyle as these new events are on the horizon.

WOW WOW 2018

Replacing the New Years Eve celebration Freaqshow is WOW WOW. The names is quite literally an onomatopoeia word that mimics the bassline pulse that plays with display of the Q-Dance logo in the brand’s promotional videos. Just listen closely to the audio in the promotional footage for the WOW WOW 2018 teaser below.

Q-Dance fans will recognize this as a sound that is uniquely Q-Dance and thus an event that takes the spirit of this brand to heart by commemorating it with its own event. What a way to ring in the new year. Event details are yet to reach the audience. Check out the original announcement from Q-Dance’s webpage here.

Rave Research 2019

Rave. Research. Sounds good, right? New events dredge up old news: Q-BASE Ends. Even better is the relief that comes with knowing that this new event, Rave Research 2019, will replace the retired concept Q-BASE in September 2019. Very little details are available about the event except that fans can pre-register from the Q-Dance webpage.

new events
Graphic from Q-dance Website.

About Q-Dance

The leading name in Hardstyle. This events enterprise organizes events featuring EDM that is hard with style so much so that their signature sound take the name Hardstyle. With legendary artists such as Brennan Heart, B-Front, and Mad Dog paving the way for the Q-Dance Hardstyle music, many DJs and producers of the harder style in dance music have made Q-Dance their home.

Historically, Q-dance came about in 2003 with a mission to revive the hard dance that phased out of the ravecore scenes at the turn of the century. Suffice it to say their successes are generating more hard dance music than ever. Legacy events include Defqon.1, QapitalQlimax to name a few of many.

With few events having taken place in the US in the early 2010s at the Shrine in Los Angeles and at TomorrowWorld, the Q-Dance name soars in popularity internationally with recent takeovers at Looptopia in Taiwan and others in Asia and Australia. The Netherlands is their birthplace and it is exciting to see the Dutch culture come through patriotic events such as X-Qlusive Holland XXL 2018 where attendees party properly–uit je dak.

new events

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