Nightmare Festival 2017: Check Out What You Missed[EVENT REVIEW]

Nightmare Festival 2017

This year, Camp Ramblewood was home to the fifth installment of Nightmare Festival in Darlington, MD. Us at Oneedm had the opportunity to go down and experience Halloween like never before. Lucky for us the weather was prime. With beautiful sunny days, and chilly fall nights. We couldn’t have expected better conditions.

We got to sit down with Alien Fuel and Choppyoppy for interviews. Both were very insightful, and we’re looking forward to the release of them. Each set at Nightmare Festival was its own experience. The visuals were haunting. The dancers were spooky. We heard samples from all over the spectrum whether it was the Monster Mash, Beetlejuice, or “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”. Let’s take a peek into the dark depths of Nightmare Festival 2017.

Day 1

Upon Arrival

As we arrived at Camp Ramblewood, security greeted us with open arms. All staff including security was very professional and seemed on top of things. Nightmare was a non-car camping festival, so we parked up and set up our camp that we called home for the weekend.

We then began our adventure to check out the grounds of the festival. All throughout, there were terrific smelling food vendors of all kinds, merchandise tents for Nightmare, and others including Grassroots which is always a favorite. This year, on top of the two stages including the Barn and Warehouse, they sold over 4,000 tickets. That being said, they had to build another main stage that had huge screens, CO2 guns, lights, and super heavy sound.

Wicked and Wild Sets


As the sunset, and the moon came out. So did all of the Waldos, astronauts, onesies of all characters, and much more. We gathered in front of the main stage as Skism took the platform for what was to be one of the most memorable sets all weekend.

To start things off dancers along each side of the stage began twirling and belly dancing. Live painters could be seen in a cluster stage left painting an array of things Halloween related. The lights and lasers blasted our eyes leaving us in a trance. Quickly though as Skism started to throw down we couldn’t help but snap out of it and headbang until our necks were sore. To our surprise, Insidion took the stage as well to hype the crowd up to get ready for the closeout set!


The final set of the main stage day one was supposed to be filled by dubstep guru Caspa. Unfortunately, he announced Friday afternoon that due to personal issues he would not be able to attend and perform his set. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger though, right? Before the final set, Megalodon was announced to take Caspa’s place by the wild and crazy Insidion. Fans went insane. We were utterly taken by surprise and Never Say Die Record’s Megalodon put on a hell of a show. Special tracks he played included a new remix of Excision’s “Deathwish” and also his track with Midnight Tyrannosaurus “Jurassic.”

Day 2

The Day of Terrorvision

Nightmare Festival

Day two of Nightmare Festival was the final day for music. We’re talking a lot of heavy hitters Saturday including Boogie T., Figure, Midnight Tyrannosaurus and much more. We were able to check around more of the fest we missed Friday. Including a cool lounge constructed and directed by Choppyoppy called the “Gradient Perspective Lounge.” This lounge was filled with artwork painted and drawn from artists all over the world. Choppyoppy said his idea for this lounge was to create an environment where people could wind down after all the heavy bass and just relax on the air mattresses while listening to downtempo music or stare at the beautiful artwork.

Spooky Sets

KJ Sawka

Nightmare Festival

KJ Sawka was the only percussionist to perform live this year at Nightmare Festival. He’s the drummer from Pendulum and Destroid. So everyone who came to his set expected one killer of a show. KJ played music from both groups he’s a part of including new and old music. His stage presence was incredible. Jumping up and down bouncing back and forth from the drum set to his drum pads. His energy prepared the crowd for a night to remember. Who could forget his penguin mask? KJ is known for staying in character, and he did that for this set. Waiting until the end to remove the mask and toss his drumsticks into the crowd.

Figure X Midnight Tyrannosaurus X Boogie T.

Nightmare Festival

Figure‘s Terrovision set is something anyone should come out to see. He’s a massive fanatic of horror films, and in his presentation of Terrovision, he captures many different ones in his visuals. With spooky graphics, gore, and well-known film clips it was hard to take our eyes off the stage. His music had samples from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and much more. The entire festival seemed to gather at the main stage for his show and was headbanging and cheering the whole time.

Then, out of nowhere Midnight Tyrannosaurus comes up to the stage and starts throwing down with Figure. After a few songs of mass chaos, Boogie T. came out for a back… to back… to back. These three for the first time gathered to perform what was one of the best sets we’ve ever witnessed. Thank you Figure for making your Terrorvision set into something we’ll all remember forever.

End of Show

Our Halloween weekend couldn’t have been better. We got to experience some things no one else will, and that is all thanks to Badass Raves and all the staff who helped throw this show together. Whether it was the freak show, the fire dome, or just walking around and seeing everyone in costume almost like we were in Halloween town, we’re just sad it was over so soon. Until next time Nightmare.


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