Nightmare Festival 2017: Up and Coming Artists to Watch For

Nightmare Festival 2017: Artists to Watch

As Halloween creeps closer, everyone is gearing up for Nightmare. The all-out Halloween-themed festival is a fan favorite for anyone that enjoys this time of the year. This year at Nightmare Festival, there will be many up-and-coming artists to watch out for. Here are some artists that may not be on the top of your list to go see but will be sure to deliver sets that should not be missed.


ASADI, a 20-year-old producer from Columbus, Ohio, is dedicated to introducing a style of music he developed called Persian Trap Music. Using his beat pad, ASADI will bring dynamic 808s and elaborate trap rhythms to Nightmare. Fans of all genres can appreciate the originality that he brings to the table. Constantly raising the bar, ASADI is poised to throw down a set that blows everyone away.


Psymbionic is known for taking non-traditional sounds and turning them into hot beats. Every set that he performs has something new to take the crowd by surprise, making every time you see him a different experience. This truly innovative sound will immerse you at Nightmare and is sure to please the crowds.

Alien Fuel

For all the bass heads in the crowd, Alien Fuel is sure to rock your world with heavy riddim and dubstep beats. Intense bass will flood the audience as Alien Fuel takes the stage at Nightmare. Appealing to anyone that wants to rip the rail out of the ground or feel the vibrations of dirty low-end bass, this set will showcase an artist that is worth going to watch no matter who else is playing.

The Widdler

The Widdler is widely recognized as an innovator and originator of dub sound. He incorporates mix sessions into his daily routine, which translates to his flawless performances at shows. Taking influence from various genres of music and lifestyle, his tunes come in all shapes and colors. The signature dub sound The Widdler creates is one that should not be missed by anyone that has not experienced it before, or for the people that may have seen him perform before.

Reid Speed

Reid Speed is recognized worldwide as a highly skilled drum & bass DJ, as well as a pioneer of the multi-genre bass music movement. She’s known for dropping high energy multi-genre sets that have inspired a generation of female DJs. As a talented producer and DJ, Reid Speed is sure to bring a set to Nightmare that will leave people talking for months after the festival.


Tickets are still on sale for Nightmare Festival. Get them here!

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