Nora En Pure’s Purified Bay Area Inspired Fans on August 13

Purified Bay Area occurred at the historic Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland.

Nora En Pure, the scintillating deep house and progressive house producer, made her return to the San Francisco Bay Area on August 13, 2022. Nora En Pure headlined Purified Bay Area, a fantastic Purified Records festival that occurred at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland. Purified Bay Area allowed fans to soak up the sun on a nice day in Oakland, away from the stress of everyday city life.

The other amazing artists who provided support at the event were Simon Doty, Paradoks, and Worakls. Check out this review of Purified Bay Area and hear why deep house and progressive house can quickly transform a sad day into an exciting one at the first beat. On a related side note, the Day To Night Festival will return to Treasure Island on the weekend of October 15-16; tickets are still on sale.

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Nora En Pure and friends produced magnificent sets at Purified Bay Area

Nora En Pure’s Purified Bay Area went from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. At first glance, one might think downtown Oakland is just an bland mid-sized metropolitan location. However, one can feel the vibrancy of the event when the music gets louder as they approach closer to the plaza. There were tons of wonderful, diverse vendors proving amenities such as mouth-watering food and memorable merchandise at the plaza.

Simon Doty and Paradoks started off Purified Bay Area with their exciting styles of melodic house music, just to get the crowd pumped up for an awesome house music-filled Saturday. Next up, Worakls came on stage and presented his innovative blend of orchestral techno to the fans at the plaza. By the time Worakls was getting the crowd moving, the atmosphere was building up for Nora En Pure’s stage arrival. When she started to produce, the crowd instantly cheered to the delight of their hearts.

A day to remember in downtown Oakland

The South African-Swiss artist performed her popular tunes such as “Come With Me”, “In Your Eyes”, and “Life On Hold”. Equally, her remixes of top bangers like “Queen of Ice” and “Cool Girl” still got the fans jumping, dancing, and waving their arms nonstop in a blissful manner. Just like past events including the 2019 Purified Rooftop Party in San Francisco and last year’s Day To Night Festival, Nora always know how to put on a spectacular show, no matter the setting.

The setting, Frank Ogawa Plaza, is in front of the Oakland City Hall. This location seemed like a very interesting setting for a tranquil yet energetic house music event. Then again, great deep house and progressive house music are always welcomed to bring invigorating life into settings where sometimes, people can get stressed out when entering or even passing by. Hopefully Purified Records will make another return to the Bay Area and put on another world-class event like Purified Bay Area on August 13.

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