Nora En Pure: Purified Rooftop Party 2019 Review

Nora En Pure Presents: Purified Rooftop Party at SVN West, San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the world’s top cities for famous artists to perform in, particularly international DJs. One of those DJs is South African-born Swiss DJ, Nora En Pure. Currently, she is one of the best female DJs. The deep house music producer had recently performed at Tomorrowland during Weekend 1 and Coachella’s Weekend One as well.

Nora En Pure will perform at the Electric Zoo Evolved music festival in New York City on September 1, 2019. On July 18th, she played a set on Electric Zoo Radio, a weekly radio show on SiriusXM that feature artists who are going to perform at Electric Zoo Evolved. On July 27, she hosted a rooftop show in San Francisco called “Nora En Pure Presents: Purified Rooftop Party“.

Photo Credit: Johnny Edge

Purified’s Opening Atmosphere

The Purified Rooftop Party started at 3:00 PM. Although there were not many people arriving yet, the atmosphere was lively. The show occurred on a three-story venue called SVN West. Specifically, on the rooftop. After entering SVN West, I had to walk up a couple ramps to get to the rooftop.

As I stepped foot on the rooftop, I saw that people were already grooving to the music. Additionally, food and drinks were available. Patrons could eat from a taco truck parked in front of the venue. Also, drink beverages from two open bars, with one facing the set and another located near the restrooms. Before Nora En Pure began performing, the opening artists were Dosem, Return of the Jaded, and J.Remy.

Photo Credit: Johnny Edge

Nora En Pure’s Performance

As soon as Nora En Pure got on stage, the crowd began to dance in unision and in bliss. Her music is a unique blend of “intricate instrumentals and enlightened melodies” that’s perfect for any event, large or small. Compared to Audiotistic two weeks ago, the Purified Rooftop Party was a very relaxing and laid-back event. Amidst the chatter and laughter, there were feelings of calm throughout the event while she was composing the tracks.

Some of the tracks she played include “Roots”, “Branches”, and “We Found Love”, a collaborative single with Ashibah. As the day progressed, the crowd got packed as Nora En Pure produced tranquil yet energetic rhythms that are perfect for a breezy Saturday evening in San Francisco. At around 8:00 PM when the sun began to descend, her set produced numerous strobe lights. These lit up the rooftop, especially, when she incorporated rapid synths into her tracks. After the show ended, she later performed another show at Audio Nightclub titled “Purified After Party“.

Photo Credit: Johnny Edge

Final Words

Notably, there were moments where she included elements of African music in her tracks, letting the audience know about her South African roots. The tracks that she played are ideal for any setting, whether at a festival, on a beach, or in the comforts of one’s bedroom.

Photo Credit: Johnny Edge

To emphasize, the Purified Rooftop Party was a great event for people to relax after a stressful week at work. The event was a fantastic occasion for people to forget about any problems that they might have in their lives. Nora En Pure’s music is produced in a way that brings everyone together and allows them to befriend one another.

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