One EDM’s Buku Music + Art Project March 9&10, 2018 Recap

Buku Music + Art Project 2018

We’re still buzzing from the events that unfolded at BUKU 2018 this weekend. There’s just something about New Orleans culture that makes everything more enjoyable. We’ve had the pleasure of attending many festivals all over the country but this one by far takes the cake. The location is on the Mississippi River in the middle of an industrial part of NOLA surrounded by active train tracks and abandoned power plants to the stages. These producers sure know how to throw a party.

Located at Mardi Gras World, a boutique event with prominent festival attributes and underground 90’s rave vibes. The lineup had a unique twist to it ranging from MGMT to Migos and Bassnectar to everything in between. Each stage had its own different feel to it. By far our favorite was the Float Den, which on a typical day is where Mardi Gras floats are manufactured, but this weekend the bass was loud enough to throw off your equilibrium.

The sound throughout the festival was of such quality. Each stage was far enough away to not have and audio bleeding. Quality sound and space between stages is one of the most important aspects for a lot of festival goers. Buku was not lacking in this area. Even with some hiccups in the road, including SZA’s ankle injury on day one, to the Migos Crew arriving late, and Virtual Self’s technical sound difficulties, but none of these stopped the party.

Day One

There is so much to take in at this festival, from the multi-genres, to the live street art and views of this beautiful city. Some might call it sensory overload. The lineup was stacked for Friday, with MGMT, Snails, Ganja White Night, Virtual Self and none other than the man with funky hair that can be seen onstage from a mile away, Green Velvet.

Day one had an eclectic dance music lineup varying from house music, riddim, and melodic dubstep. Buku happened to be Porter Robinson’s first U.S. festival as his alter ego, Virtual Self. That set had to be one of the most interesting performances we’ve ever seen at a festival before. It’s so difficult to put into words, you just had to be there to take it all in. Jumping genres like it was nothing, from trance to d&b to 90’s dance music classic, “Castle’s in the Sky,” Porter definitely took us all on an unforgettable journey to close out day one.

It’s Always Sunny @ Buku Alison Wonderland Night Sky Starry Nite Green Velvet

Day Two

Today’s weather was perfect, the forecast called for rain and thunderstorms, but we never saw a drop. The lineup was stacked from 5 p.m. until the end. In between all the acts; One EDM interviewed the one and only Borgore. To start the day, we caught Hippie Sabotage for the first time ever. The two brothers; Jeff and Kevin know how to party. The EDM duo does things a bit differently. One crowd surfs, hypes people up and plays the guitar, while the other DJ’s.


After, we ran to see Nick aka Illenium. Out of all the times we’ve seen Illenium this blew the other seven times out of the water. It was a sunset performance, the city as the background, and the pounding of taiko drums and marching snares to set the tone. The set was completely different than Okeechobee’s set and much louder. Right after Illenium, we ran to Daddy’s dressing room for a quick interview before his Buku set. Borgore just gets it, he DJs with such finesse as he drops his hits “Syrup” and “Salad Dressing” among other bangers. Asaf never disappoints his fans, except this set lacked booty, which he is known for.

The End


To close out day two, we were graced with Rezz, who has a style of her own. As she stands on stage throwing hit after hit, she takes you on a sensory journey. She is known for her LED goggles, which encapsulate you throughout her whole set. According to the internet, it is extremely hard to place Rezz into any “EDM” sub-genre, some say techno, some say dubstep, either way, she puts on a great performance from start to finish.

Illenium (Awake Live) Illenium, always a fan fav.

One EDM wants to thank Winter Circle Productions and all of the Buku Publicity team. We cannot wait for Buku 2019 #toobuku!

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